How To Get Your Girl To Drink More Beer

August 18, 2009

Finally, science has discovered a reason why women should drink beer.

A Spanish study has discovered that women who drink moderate amounts of beer have stronger bones. The study of 1,700 women from the journal Nutrition found that the bone density of moderate female beer drinkers was better than those ladies who did not drink any brewskis. That’s good news for us fellas. It gives us the perfect excuse to share our favorite brew with our favorite girl.

The study shows that it is a plant hormone called phytoestrogen in the beer, not the alcohol, that’s responsible for the better bones. Researchers found that “women defined as 'light' or 'moderate' beer drinkers, covering consumption of up to 280 grams of alcohol a week (about 2-3 beers a day) were found to have superior bone density to non-drinkers.” Ladies be careful, the study’s authors warned that excessive drinking will do more harm than good. So drink in moderation.

That said, I think it’s beer-o’clock.

Source: Smith Collection/Getty Images