Comic-Con 09: Live Blog from A Nightmare on Elm Street

by nathanbloch   July 24, 2009 at 2:08PM  |  Views: 185

Jackie Earle Haley is talking with the filmmakers about getting the opportunity to play Freddy after getting to play Rorschach. The audience now gets to see an unreleased trailer from the film, which looks very promising. This is actually going to be a scary horror film with a real actor.

There's a question from the audience about how much we're going to see of Freddy before he dies, and the director says, "It's not an origin story."

The director says the Robert Englund, who originally played Freddy, will not be making a cameo.

Haley gets a question about how many parts he plays involving kids, and replies that "I"ve played parts where I'm the tortured soul, and now I'm the torturing soul."

The director says, "I think we've done a good job of reinventing it, and it's not the same Freddy, it's a terrifying Freddy."

Someone asks Haley who would win in a fight, Rorschach, the guy from Little Children, or Freddy, and Haley throws the question back to the audience. The audience roared: "RORSCHACH!"

One of the producers, in response to a question about whether the origin story will diminish the scariness, says, "This movie is horrifying. This movie is terrifying."

Haley says, "This movie is grounded in reality, but it's still got some boogeymen."

About the make up: "If I'd just gone into a 7-11, people would've thought it was real."

Source: Warner Bros.