NHL Succesfully Destroys the Excitement of an Amazing Goal

January 8, 2010

Ever wonder why the greatest sport on earth has the popularity of a high school tuba player and lower television ratings than the transgender five pin bowling league? Maybe it’s because referees have been instructed to destroy anything that could be contrued as "fun" or "entertaining." (This is why the NHL can’t have nice things.)

During the second period of a game between the New York Islanders and Colorado Avalanche, Robbie Schremp notched one of the most impressive goals of the season (obviously displeasing Gary Bettman and his 20 year fight to ruin the sport).

Thus, it seemed appropriate for the officials to immediately disallow the goal, then take seven minutes to review the play and inevitably count it. It was an excellent job of killing the excitement.


Source: Hockeywebcast