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Ton And Allen Move Mountains In Alaska

by AaronAhmadi   March 31, 2012 at 12:00AM  |  Views: 2,429
This week Ton and Allen continued their journey through Alaska, and eventually travelled to the beautiful city of Wasilla. Was Day 2 of their voyage filled with antique Alaskan items and gold nuggets or piles of junk? Let's find out how the Auction Hunters did:


It certainly didn't take long for Ton and Allen to stick out in the crowd of Wasilla natives - they weren't wearing any camo (a rookie mistake, of course). Gary, the auctioneer, got the auction cracking, taking bids left and right for the very first unit. Allen did spot a motorcycle frame in the unit, a "quad frame," but Ton said the furniture in it was garbage, so they didn't want to spend too much on this one. Luckily, Allen nabbed the unit for a measly $140, but they weren't quite out of the woods yet. When the second unit rolled around, the Auction Huntersweren't too amped about it, but thought it would be a good opportunity to empty their competitors' pockets, and that's exactly what they did. After some fierce, err, fake bidding, they let the unit go for $650 to a local. Nice trap, fellas. The third storage unit is usually the charm, and this time was no different: this unit was packed with goodies like snow shoes, ice shoes, and an archery case. It was time to bring out the big guns, so they upped the bidding price to $1,550 for this unit and won. One cheap unit, and one pricey unit: looks like they evened out.


Sold For: $6,000

Our heroes started digging through their first unit quick, the "Quad Frame" Unit, as it was called. Why the funky name? Well, they found a quad fame in there, duh….but even better was the fact that a local came over to take the quad frame from them right then and there for $100! Easy pick up, easy sell. After they shooed away the local, Ton spotted a huge red machine below all the rubble, and it was none other than a drill. The Auction Hunters weren't 100% sure what they had their hands on, so they decided to rendezvous with a local miner named Kevin. He told the boys that it was an old air percussion hammer, and that it could actually drill holes through boulders. Kevin let Ton and Allen know that the percussion hammer could go for over $7,000, but the bottom line was that it must drill - and drill they did, turning rock to rubble. Sure, Kevin did say $7,000, but suddenly he had a change of heart and said he'd only throw down $4,000 for the hammer (oh, we've definitely heard this story before). Ton and Allen weren't having it, and convinced Kevin to buy it from them for $6,000. Lesson from this story: it's pretty easy to be persuasive with a big drill in your hand.


Sold For: $4,300

Ton couldn't wait to dive into this "Outdoorsman" unit so he could grab that professional hunting bow he was eyeing all day. Allen thought his pal looked like Rambo while sporting that badboy, but it was worth about $300 according to Ton, so they were already off to a fantastic start. A few opened boxes later, Allen uncovered an awesome all-terrain-vehicle. Ton certainly loves his outdoor toys, so he hopped on the ATV pronto to test it out. Soon, it was time to put the fun aside and head over to Debbie, an Alaska ATV dealer, and a prospective buyer for the ATV. According to Debbie, brand new, ATVs could go for $12,000. And here comes the lowball, ladies and gentleman: Debbie spouts "$3,500." Har, har. The boys said they wanted $4,500, but Debbie was one hell of a tough cookie, so they settled on $4,300. As a bonus, Allen got to ride the ATV to show everybody what it's made of (or what he's made of).

So was it worth it for Ton and Allen to venture North all the way to Alaska? You bet your ice fishing pole it did! The boys dropped only $1,690 on two storage units that held some amazing items that sold for a total of $11,000. They ultimately walked away with a juicy profit $9,310. I say we do Alaska every week, shall we?

Did you catch Allen putting the pedal to the metal on that ATV?Get to Spike.com for this week's episode "Ton's Driller Instinct" now available online. For the latest news and updates on Auction Hunters, always check out the Facebook fan page and don't forget to catch all-new episodes on Wednesdays at 9/8c.