Locus OS Envisions the Future of PC Computing

February 8, 2010

While Windows 7 and Apple's Snow Leopard have been heralded as great contemporary operating systems, both designs stay close to home, essentially expanding on many interface and navigation concepts that were conceived more than a decade ago. But what if someone threw all that out, and started with a whole new, thoroughly modern approach?

Barton Smith is an industrial engineer by trade, and it shows. In the video below, Smith unveils his Locus OS design concept. Aside from being graphically impressive, the main draw of this concept comes from the idea that one operating system can be tailored with several different location-specific workspace settings, giving one device basically as many different tailor-made operating systems as you need, depending on where or how you compute.

While Smith isn't going to win any charisma contests with this presentation, the OS says all the important stuff anyway.


Source: Engadget/Vimeo