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Anyone for Some Sexy Tennis?

by Balthazar_Francis   June 28, 2011 at 5:30PM  |  Views: 22,333

British babes Jodie Gasson and Amy Green hit the court in this super sexy, super bouncy tennis-themed photo shoot. Guys, you've been served.

When it comes to cleavage on the tennis court, British glamour models Jodie Gasson and Amy Green have it down game, set, and match! Donning skimpy tennis outfits for the cover of Zoo magazine's Wimbledon-themed issue is all in a day's work for these ladies.

Both girls undeniably have the required assets and play to their strengths in what only can be described as a boobilicious girl-on-girl tennis match. Yep, Zoo went there and can you blame them? While Jodie comes into the match with a slight advantage (her bra size is an impressive 32F cup size), her opponent Amy is not far behind with a nice pair of 32Ds. Yep, the hotness in this video is a racket but it's one we can all get behind.

At the end of the day tennis is the real winner, right?

Source: Zoo


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