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The Auction Hunters Uncover National Treasure

by AaronAhmadi   June 03, 2012 at 12:30AM  |  Views: 7,388
This week the Auction Hunters finally travelled to the big ol' capital city: Washington, D.C. This place is absolutely jam-packed with museums and more history than you could fill your book case with, but the real question is did our heroes make a big score? Well, let's take a looksie:


Out in our nation's capital, Ton and Allen were up against a tough battle: only 5 units were up for grabs, and plenty of locals were ready to steal them from the boys. They caught the crowd off-guard and were able to swoop in and nab two units for $2,900. Seems like a steep price, but wait till you hear how oh-so beautiful the treasures were inside.


Sold For: $3,500

Let's get busy! The Auction Hunters strolled down over to their first unit and were hoping for something majestic, and boy did they find it. They pulled out basically the mother of all tools: a cement pump. This big red machine was so badass it had fire hose for a nozzle, so it had to fetch a ton of cash. Ton and Allen made a few quick calls and found a fellow named Dennis who was impressed by their find – but not quite sold yet. Dennis told the boys if the machine worked like it should, he'd pony up some cash for it. After Allen fired up the cement pump and sprayed the floor with what seemed like an endless supply of the grey goo, Dennis and the boys made a deal for $3,500. Dennis was tough as concrete, but eventually he cracked.


Sold For: $500

Ever heard of speed digging? The Auction Hunters are pretty good at that, and that's just what they did to their second unit because after they slid out some antique tools, they found a heavy duty safe in no time (tip: safes mean money, money, money). Good thing they had those tools, because that thing looked like it was locked for good – nothing a big hammer couldn't take care of, of course (thanks, Ton!). What was inside the case you ask? Let's just say it was so cool we had to bleep out Ton's reaction. Okay, it was an old military pistol – black powder to be exact. Overjoyed, the Auction Hunters later talked to Cliff, a civil war weapons collector, and after showing off just how much of a bang this baby had in it, they walked away $500 richer. Not bad for crackin' a safe open.

What a week! Not only were Ton and Allen able to pull in a ginormous profit, but they were also able to avoid the D.C. mob mentality. The boys spent $2,900 on their two units, reeled in $11,840 for the goodies inside, and counted $8,940 in cold hard cash as profit. So there is national treasure buried in this great city, it seems.

Why shoot bullets when you can shoot cement? Watch Allen put the cement pump to work in this week's episode, "Mr. Haff Goes To Washington," now available online on Spike.com. Make sure to stop by the Auction Hunters Facebook page to get the latest scoop about the show and tune in to all-new episodes of Auction Hunters on Wednesdays nights at 9/8c on SPIKE.