Tommy Lee's Big Mouth Screws Nikki Sixx

April 8, 2009

Tommy Lee has gotten fellow Motley Crue brother Nikki Sixx in a bit of hot water after revealing that Sixx performed some inappropriate actions on a Los Angeles police car back in the '80s.

In a recent Hustler interview, Tommy reminisced about the Crue's early days and how Nikki busted a cop’s car window and urinated in it. Dang:


There was this unmanned cop car parked in the alley behind the Whisky, and Nikki picked up this stick and smashed in the f***ing window. He took a p**s inside the f***ing cop car.

A spokeswoman for the Los Angeles Police Department stated: "It's not clear whether this is still an open case or whether the officer involved closed it out. If it's still open, it will be investigated."

Nikki is so screwed.

Source: Mick Hutson/Getty Images