Ant Tacos

September 29, 2008

Hello friends! Food Dude here, nursing a head exploding from politics, economic crises, and the ants that tried to eat my toothbrush. ANTS! That's right; little creatures coming up out of the floor in my bathroom somehow, trying to abscond with various toiletries and a few dead moths I didn't even know were using my little boys room as a cemetery. So in honor of the men and women of the ant world I now give you Ant Brood Tacos! This is an actual recipe I found at posted by a young bug eater whose been frying up creepy crawlers since she was 13, she was also home schooled, which if it had happened to me I would have eaten things far worse than crickets and ants.


Heat two tablespoons of butter or peanut oil (why not!), and then fry 1/2 pound of ant larvae and pupae. Now you can't just use any old ants because they might have been exposed to insecticide, so in the name of buying organic make sure your ants have been fed a diet free of poison, old toothbrushes, and used condoms. You can also find some clean and toasted ants at in the Insectivore section.


Add a chopped onion, three Serrano chilies (finely chopped), and some diced tomatoes. Sprinkle this maddening fry with ground pepper, salt, and oregano to taste. Serve in taco shells and garnish with cilantro, no one will know that ground beef looking goodness is actually a group of innocent ants you just committed genocide to! Enjoy. Oh and if you need some cooking music I just found a link to the video of Ants Marching by someone who definitely likes a good ant taco, Dave "Ants in His Pants" Matthews.