Junior High School Coach Gives Teenage Girl Mad Men-Style Job Interview

January 19, 2011

When a 14-year-old girl comes into your office asking if there are any open positions in the junior high school athletic department, requesting that she “prove her dedication” by getting friendly with some of the basketball players is not the correct way to conduct the job interview. Just ask the coach currently facing jail time for his controversial hiring requirements.

KOAT reports:

A student went to an office to ask about a manager position with the team. Police said she claims [Tomas] Vargas was there with three players. She said Vargas told her she needed to perform oral sex on the players to get hired. Investigators said Vargas pushed a table into her when she refused, and that she couldn't leave the room.

Yes, this man is hired to work with children.

Vargas, who confessed to everything, is currently on paid administrative leave while he faces some not-so-stern justice. Because paying him to sit home and think about what he’s done seems like an appropriate punishment.

Photo: Creative/Getty Images