Black Ops vs Spetsnaz

February 9, 2011

Black Ops

M16 Assault Rifle.

M1911 Pistol.


Frag Grenade.

Tomahawk (Here's a joke. Say Mike Hawk aloud. lol).


AK74 Carbine.

Makarov Pistol.


Semtex Grenade (Sticky)

Ballistic Knife.


M16 vs AK74. Edge = Even.

Both Rifles are amazingly accurate and fast. They are just AWESOME guns, and is an epic of epic epicness. (don't ask)

M1911 vs Makarov. Edge = Makarov.

The Makarov is faster, lighter weight, and has better accuracy. This is a preferred pistol.

C4 vs Semtex. Edge = C4.

I actually think C4 is a better explosive because of how large of quantities can be used, and how amazing in killing it is.

Frag vs Sticky. Edge = Sticky.

The Sticky Grenade stays where it is thrown, where the Frag can roll away, and won't kill the person.

Tomahawk (did you get it?) vs Ballistic Knife. Edge = Ballistic Knife.

It is easier to shoot a Ballistic Knife with accuracy than it is to throw a two foot axe that is not as accurate.


battle finished soon.