Mantenna - Friday, January 30

January 30, 2009

Prostitutes get crazy game at the Super Bowl, Morrissey dons his birthday suit at a photo shoot for one of his singles, America's Hottest College Girl Contest, and so much's the Mantenna!

Super Bowl Hookers

Sport fans are not the only people descending upon Tampa Bay for this year’s Super Bowl. Apparently hordes of prostitutes travel to the Super Bowl host city each year, for their own type of ‘game.’  Each year the police crack down on this behavior and The Smoking Gun publishes the photos of those unlucky “ladies of the night.” [The Smoking Gun]

60 Sexy Steelers Girls

This Sunday the Pittsburgh Steelers take on the Arizona Cardinals in the 43rd Super Bowl. The folks at COED Magazine noticed that the Steelers did not have much of a cheerleading squad, so they put together a collection of  “super hot Steelers’ fans” to make up for Pittsburgh’s obvious shortcomings. Win, lose or draw, with fans like these, the Steelers have already won. [COED Magazine]

Morrissey Gets Naked

Get ready to ralph up your lunch. The inner sleeve of the "I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris" single features a photo of Morrissey and band mates wearing nothing except 7" records on their wieners, Red Hot Chili Peppers-style. This does seem a little unnecessary if you ask me, but I will give Moz points for being silly. Check the NSFW pic here if you dare… [Pitchfork]

CD Sales Down 54.6 Percent From Peak In 2000 is reporting that CD sales have now fallen to less than half the number of CDs sold in their peak year (2000). In 2008, CD sales were down 54.6 percent from 2000, or a giant 514.6 million units less. Dang. Soundscan counted over a billion "a la carte" downloads last year from digital services like iTunes and Now a billion singles may sound like a lot, but it is not even close to making up the revenue lost from a half-billion fewer CDs sold. [Digital Music News]

The Hottest College Coed in America

This is a mighty quest as old as the institution of coed, higher education.  Who is the hottest girl on campus?  Is her boyfriend bigger than you?  These are the big questions that every man deals with in college, and College Humor is taking a swing at solving them.  They’re running the America’s Hottest College Girl contest to answer these burning questions once and for all (or at least until next semester). [College Humor]

Robots Come in Twos

A photo of a couple of Autobots from the forthcoming Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen has been released. The Autobots in question are guys that turn into the Chevy Beat and Trax, and can also combine into another vehicle altogether. This weekend when the first Transformers teaser spot hits our TV screens during the Super Bowl we might get a better look at them, but it’s going to be a week before the full teaser trailer hits the web. Come on, Michael Bay, don’t force us to gather around the YouTube when you could just give it to us full-res on Monday. []

LimeWire Create Makes Open-Source Urban Planning

Mark Gorton is the cyber-brain who created and implemented LimeWire – a peer-2-peer filesharing program that gives users access to all sorts of legal and illegal files.  He was almost as much at the front of the open source revolution as, say, Napster, but he has continued to hold to his roots albeit in the context of urban planning.  Confused? Here’s the gist of it: "99 percent of planning in the United States is volunteer citizens on Tuesday nights in a high school gym," Wright says. "Creating a software that can reach into that dynamic would be very profound, and open it up, and shine light on the decision-making." [Wired]

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