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The 10 Types of Gamers - Which Are You?

by Reverend_Danger   December 20, 2008 at 1:00PM  |  Views: 14,831

Bargain Bin Gamer


The cheap ass gamer is somebody who wants to game, but doesn’t really care how or what they’re playing.  They just wanna lay down a few clams, zone out for a few hours, and forget about their boring jobs.  It’s cheaper than a strip club, right?  Bargain bin gamers are typically also into sweat pants and Velcro shoes.

Guitar Hero-Only Gamer


Reviled by the majority of the serious gaming community, the Guitar Hero-only (or Rock Band) gamer enjoys riding the tsunami of popularity music simulation games have enjoyed the last few years.  However, they do not like to ride any other tsunamis – just the one. 

Achievement Hunter


The achievement hunter takes gaming much less recreationally then, ya know, a recreational gamer.  They’re here for business, and nothing else.  Games are purchased and time allotted for playing them based not on reviews of perceived entertainment value.  Rather, these gamers are looking for the most bang for their buck when it comes to the totally useless achievements by purchasing games with many point-heavy achievements in them.



The fanboy is “a boy who is an enthusiastic devotee (as of comics or movies).”  That’s the Merriam-Webster definition, but the interesting thing is that, apparently, the first known use of the term was in 1919. Lord, they even had this hyper annoying breed of sub-human back then. That’s extra disheartening with a side of sorrow.

Hardcore Gamer


The hardcore gamer cannot be stopped.  They’re like the Cloverfield monster of gaming.  They’re almost otherworldly in their ability to sustain hyper-long endurance matches, wildly complicated plots, and crippling carpal tunnel syndrome.  When they’re not gaming, they’re blogging about gaming.  When they’re not doing that, they’re dreaming about games.  When they’re not doing that, though, they’re usually doing either research on the next game they’re going to buy or (duh) your mom.