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The 10 Types of Gamers - Which Are You?

by Reverend_Danger   December 20, 2008 at 1:00PM  |  Views: 20,481

Those of us in the gaming universe are a proud lot.  We have rules, traditions, and a set of standards by which most of us abide.  Similarly, we fall into certain groups (or tribes, or guilds, depending on your MMORPG of choice).  Whether you joined on purpose or not, you are one of the following 10 types of gamers.

By Reverend Danger

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Closet Gamer


Shhh!  Nobody must know the deep, dark secret of the closet gamer.  When asked what their Xbox 360 achievement level is, you can tell they’re nervous because their eyes move up and to the right.  Classic mistake.  Don’t worry, closet gamer, I won’t tell. 

Gamer Girl


The rarest of the types of gamer, the gamer girl was thought to be a myth until the mid-'90s when several colonies were discovered in Midwestern basements.  The gamer girl is notoriously foxy, but often very difficult to detect as they disguise themselves with sexually ambiguous online handles or male avatars.  They do this as a natural defense against the rabid, virginal sea of male gamers they wade through each day.

Social Gamer


The social gamer, like the social drinker, drinks only when other people are around and gaming.  However, this is usually a temporary state as the social gamer soon begins to slide down the plasticized slopes of their friends’ consoles into their own personal pit of gaming addiction.  It won’t be long, social gamer, until you’re assuring everybody that you can stop whenever you want. But we all know you won’t.

Old-School Gamer


Unwilling or unable to segue into the modern gaming age, the old school gamer is convinced that the halcyon days of 8-bit battle were the golden age of gaming – an epoch lost to the sand pixels of time.  They troll eBay and Craigslist for bargains on Power Gloves and pong controllers.  Show them a wireless controller, and watch them recoil into involuntary muscle spasms.

Destructive Gamer


Gaming is a release for many people, but the destructive gamer takes it a step further than most.  Then, they tie demolition charges to it, and throw it off a bridge at their enemies.  Running for cover, they still peek out to watch the red mist settle that was once their ill-fated foes.  Hey, at least they’re taking it out on digital people.  Here’s to hoping their Xbox Live subscription never runs out spilling their carnage into meatspace.