GSG-9 vs Yakuza

October 7, 2010

Beginning Assessment: Germany's secretive anti-terroism police come to a standstill with Japan's swift gun shooting criminals. Who. Is. DEADLIEST?


Long Range: HK G36 Rifle.

Medium Range: Remington 870 Shotgun.

Short Range: KA-BAR Knife.

Explosive: Stingball Grenade.

Armor: Kavlar Vest & Titanium Helmet.


Long Range: Sten Machine Gun.

Medium Range: Walther P-38.

Short Range: Sais.

Explosive: Ceramic Grenade.

Armor: Business Suit & Fadora Hat.


HK G36 vs Sten. Edge = Sten.

I like both of these because they are automatic, but the Sten has a higher rate of killing power and has dead on accuracy.

Remington vs Walther. Edge = Remington.

We previously saw a shotgun get the edge even if the 870 is pump action. I like the P-38 due to accuracy but the shotgun has a larger killing power.

KA-BAR vs Sais. Edge = Sais.

The Sais get the edge because they are two of them, one can hold or take your weapon away, and the other can stab you a hundred times.

Stingball vs Ceramic. Edge = Even.

People don't really respect the Stingball because it didn't kill a SWAT Operative. Well, what do you expect with BULLET-PROOF Armor? It can kill, especially if it hits a specific area, maybe the face. The Ceramic isn't very deadly either, just confuses, where the Stingball stuns.

Vest vs Suit & Helmet vs Hat. Edge = Vest.

Are you kinding me?!?! The GSG-9 will be prepared for a gun to shoot him and his Kavlar Vest will definately protect. Even though it was the best out of four, the Titanium Helmet won't necessarily keep the bullet from killing you but obsorbs its power. You wear Kavlar and Titanium to a battle. You wear a Suit and Fadora to a business party.


Six GSG-9 Operatives put on their helmets and breach into a building. They were sent here because they were told there was active terroism inside. They walked closer and closer, and the leader looked inside the first room they saw, ready to shoot his HK G36. After looking around he said the coast was clear and progressed on. Little did they know they weren't battling with terroists. They were battling with one of the world's greatest gangs.

As they moved on, they soon came upon a stair case. They sent two of them up stairs, and the four moved on. The leader said he saw a shadow on a face of a wall, so he threw in a stingball grenade. As if on que, there were gun shots up stairs and one of there GSG-9 Operatives tumbled down in a bloodied heap. The stingball went off, and a man in a suit fell out from the hallway, the GSG-9 team noticing two stingballs in his face; one in the eye, one in the neck. GSG-9 = 5. Yakuza = 5.

After a second, the other GSG-9 member ran down stairs and shot back up to who ever it was. Soon, a body fell down the stairs, meeting the dead GSG-9 corpse. The GSG-9 that ran from the stairs yells, "Yakuza! These guys aren't terroists but they still are fearsome." The GSG-9 muttered, "We've been misinformed, but they still pose a threat. Come on, we're going to kill them." GSG-9 = 5. Yakuza = 4.

As the GSG-9 team walk on they see another door that leads them into a kitchen. They put away their HK G36 and take out their remington's and KA-BAR's. The one with a KA-BAR gets hungry and takes a burger off a table. The leader tells him it could be poisoned, plus he's not supposed to eat while on the job. "Now get ready, rookie." He and the others progress further in the kitchen, where a ceramic grenade is tossed and kills one of the GSG-9 Operatives. GSG-9 = 4. Yakuza = 4.

Out came a Yakuza member that stabs another with his sai, and falls down, wounded. The GSG-9 rookie came up and stabbed the Yakuza in the heart and then the leader shot him with his remington. They help up their wounded operative, but after being up again for a minute, they looked through a window and a Yakuza placed a walther bullet on his head. GSG-9 = 3. Yakuza = 3.

The rookie took out his G36 and shot the Yakuza in the face. They run out of the kitchen where the other operative was shot in the vest, and shot his remington back. With bullets still flying both died from severe wounds. The leader and rookie run out of the building, ready to head back to there Team Truck to get a HK PS G1 Sniper Rifle in case but bullets flew at them again and they had to bail, leaving their sniper rifle behind. Soon, the last Yakuza was shooting his sten again. He threw another ceramic grenade that didn't get close enough and hardly distracted them. The rookie pretended he was dead, letting the leader move on. The Yakuza stood over the "dead" GSG-9 and moved on looking for the last one. Before he could turn a corner in the leader's direction, the GSG-9 got up with his KA-BAR and sneaked behind the Yakuza. He grabbed him from behind and stabbed the KA-BAR into the Yakuza's neck. The leader found out the rookie was gone and so was the Yakuza. He turns around and sees the knife taken out of the dead Yakuza's neck. The leader confronts the rookie, and says, "Not bad for the new guy. Let's go back to Germany, shall we?" GSG-9 = 2. Yakuza = 0.

GSG-9: 643.

HK G36: 331.

Remington 870: 188.

KA-BAR: 97.

Stingball Grenade: 27.

Yakuza: 357.

Sten: 118.

Walther P-38: 110.

Sais: 102.

Ceramic Grenade: 27.

Ending Assessment: The GSG-9 is much greater of warriors which will think about breaching, looking, and shooting. Where as the Yakuza will come in and shoot without looking and that can cost you your life.

Best Weapon: The HK G36 Rifle was able to rapidly shoot the Yakuza's death 331 times!

Worst Weapon: Both the limited killing Grenades, Stingball and Ceramic scored 27 kills each.