Deadliest Warrior Tournament: Semifinals

November 5, 2009

DW Round 6: Winner's Bracket

We've finally reached the semifinals of the Deadliest Warrior tournament where the finest warriors in history will battle it out for a chance to advance to the finals.

The Modern Division has already crowned the U.S. Navy SEALs as the champion. The SEALs dominated the Modern division thanks to a versatile arsenal of long range weapons and outstanding battle tactics that put those weapons to good use. The British Royal Ghurkha Rifles will face the Russian Spetsnaz in a battle of opposing styles to decide the runner up.

The Ancient Division has proven that strong armor and heavy weapons were the keys to victory on a pre-gunpowder battlefield. The Spanish Conquistador faces the Scottish Highlander in one semi-final match that is sure to test the mettle of each warrior. The other semi-final features a match-up that fans have been calling for since DW season 1 as the mighty European Knight goes against the indomitable Japanese Samurai.

Russian Spetsnaz vs. British Gurkha Rifles
Both of these units are extremely aggressive soldiers who like to charge into battle and take the fight to their enemies.

The Spetsnaz are the premiere Special Forces unit in the Russian army. Considered the toughest men in the army, their brutal 'take no prisoners' hard-line approach returned order to the runaway Russian province of Chechnya. The Spetsnaz were originally formed during the Cold War to carry out sabotage and counter-terrorism missions for the KGB.

The British Gurkha Rifles are one of the finest infantry units in the world. Renown for their fighting skill and bravery in battle, these versatile soldiers take the fight directly to the enemy.
Shock & Awe vs. Tactics & Terrain
The Spetsnaz like to bust in loud and hard then shoot first and ask questions later. The Gurkhas use fire team tactics and terrain to advance on their enemies. If the battle takes place inside a building the Spetsnaz have an advantage, but on a normal battlefield the Gurkhas have the edge. Edge: Gurkhas

Close Combat
Ballistic Knife vs. Kukri
In close combat the Spetsnaz use a specialized combat knife that can fire its blade up to 20 feet. Probably the most renowned and feared fighting knife in the world is the kukri. The ballistic knife has a ranged component that's a nice trick, but it is outclassed by the Kukri as a fighting knife. Edge: Gurkhas

Short Range
Makarov Pistol vs. L9A1 Pistol
The L9A1 Browning is known as a reliable and accurate pistol with very few frills or special features. The Makarov is a deadly weapon in the hands of a Spetsnaz soldier. Both of these pistols are no-frills weapons, but the L9A1 is more powerful and has a larger magazine. Edge: Gurkhas

AK 74 Carbine vs. L1A1 Self-Loading Rifle
The AK 74 is a modernized version of the AK 47 that fires a more accurate 5.56mm round. The SLR fires 7.62x51 NATO rounds and is both reliable and hard-hitting. The performance of these weapons are very similar in terms of range, rate of fire and muzzle velocity, but the AK-74 gets a slight edge in accuracy. Edge: Spetsnaz

Long Range
Dragunov vs. L42A1 Rifle
The Dragunov is a semi-automatic sniper rifle with average range and accuracy. The L42A1 was one of the longest serving rifles in a modern army. The Dragunov gets an edge here for being a more modern weapon with a better effective range. Edge: Spetsnaz

Saiga Shotgun & RDG5 Grenade vs. L7A1 GPMG
The Saiga and RDG5 are an excellent combination for breaching and clearing buildings. The L7A1 is belt fed light machine gun that fires 7.62 ammo with an effective range of 800m at a rate of fire between 650 and 1,000rpm. The Saiga and RDG5 combo will offset the Gurkhas advantages at short range, but they don't match up well with the firepower of the GPMG. Edge: Gurkhas

The Spetsnaz finally meet their match in the Gurkhas who are just as aggressive and skilled, but possess heavier weapons. The GPMG really gives the Gurkhas an edge in this fight by providing overwhelming firepower that the Spetsnaz just can't match.

(Kill Estimates)
Kills    Spetsnaz  Gurkhas
Close      20       40
Short      40       60   
Mid        160      150
Long       140
Special    120      160       
Total      480      520

WINNER: Gurkhas


Conquistador vs. Highlander
This battle pits a fearsome invader against a ferocious rebel. The Conquistador has an edge in technology but the Highlander possesses some of the heaviest weapons in the ancient division.

Spanish Conquistadors were brutal mercenaries and brilliant tacticians whose mandate was to bring civilization and the word of God to the new world, but instead they conquered and plundered an entire continent.

Highlander clans slaughtered each other as well as Roman invaders. The Romans feared the Highlanders so much, that they built a wall to bottle them up in Scotland!

Steel vs. Chain
Conquistadors wore a steel breastplate, steel helmet and leather coat while the Highlanders wore chain mail, helmets and shields. Neither warrior has full coverage of armor, but the heavy steel and layered defense of the Spaniard gives him the edge. Edge: Conquistador

Close Combat
Saber vs. Targe & Dirk
The Spanish Saber was made of excellent steel and could be used to slash or stab, but it was not a very heavy weapon.The Targe was a small Shield with a wicked spike protruding from its center that could cause serious damage when combined with the Dirk dagger. The Spanish Saber could probably pierce chain mail, but I don't think it would stop a charging Highlander. Edge: Highlander.

Horse & Lance vs. Claymore
The Spanish lance was designed to mow down armored infantry and would easily pierce chain mail armor. The Claymore has the reach and power to dismount a cavalryman. Both weapons will do a lot of damage, but the Lance gets a slight edge for superior length. Edge: Conquistador

Long Range
Crossbow vs. Ball & Chain
The European crossbow was well documented in its range, accuracy, and penetrating power. The Ball & Chain was wasn't terribly accurate as a thrown weapon, but was very powerful if it did hit. The crossbow gets the edge in this match up for superior range and accuracy. Edge: Conquistador

Harquebus vs. War Hammer
The Harquebus is less accurate than the crossbow, but it had even greater penetrating power. The War Hammer was an extremely short ranged weapon that could crush armor and break bones. It's hard to compare these weapons, but the Harquebus gets the edge for long-range lethality. Edge: Conquistador

The Conquistador continues to mow down heavily armored warriors with his powerful and balanced arsenal of weapons. I expected a better fight from the Highlander but the Ball & Chain, and extremely short range of his weapons, really weighed him down against the mobile Conquistador. 

(Kill Estimates)
Kills  Conquistador Highlander
Close       80       100   
Mid        20
0       190
Long       150        60
Special    120       100       
Total      550       450

WINNER: Conquistador

vs. Samurai
This is a true battle of East vs. West as these two warriors share many similarities but also have some key differences in combat styles that will determine the outcome of the fight.

Knights were the elite armored strike force among Medieval European armies. As the champions of Kings, Knights endured strict training and excruciating hardships that also made them incredibly tough in battle. They had no fear of death and fought without mercy, because they believed their opponents were unbelievers and barbarians.

The Samurai were elite warriors from Japan who mastered a large array of weapons and lived their lives according to the highly ethical code of Bushido. The Japanese believed that, in battle, a single Samurai was the equal of twenty regular soldiers.

Plate Steel vs. Banded Steel
The European Knight was encased head to toe in steel plates. The Samurai used leather and banded-steel plates to protect their bodies and a wide sloping helmet to protect their head and neck. Both warriors were well protected with the Samurai holding an edge in vision and mobility while the Knight has an advantage in overall protection. Edge: Even

Close Combat
Longsword vs. Katana
The Long Sword was a heavy steel blade that could sever limbs and pierce armor. The Katana was one of the best swords ever made. Both of these weapons can do the job against armored warriors but the Katana gets a slight edge for speed and quality of the blade. Edge: Samurai

Halberd vs. Naginata
The Halberd was a vicious slashing, gouging, piercing weapon. The Naginata is a fast, fearsome, foot soldier's weapon. Both are excellent weapons that are about the same length, though the Naginata has an edge in speed. The wide blade of the Naginata is excellent for cutting and slashing but it doesn't have high armor penatration. The Halberd is a versatile weapon designed for defeating armored opponents. Edge: Knight

Long Range
Crossbow vs. Yumi Bow
The crossbow was an incredibly deadly and accurate weapon but it was slow to reload. The Yumi was a deadly accurate weapon in the hands of a skilled Samurai. The crossbow gets a slight edge for pure armor piercing power. Edge: Knight

Flail vs. Kanabo
The flail was a powerful short range weapon designed to smash armor and rend flesh. The Kanabo was a massive club that could crush armor and break bones. These are both wicked weapons designed to crush armored warriors, but the Kanabo gets the edge for superior reach. Edge: Samurai

This has all the makings of an even fight that was incredibly difficult to predict. The Samurai has a lot of speed and skill and is used to winning one-on-one duels, but a Knight is no slouch in single combat either and brings heavier weapons to the fight. The armor piercing abilities of the halberd and crossbow will give the Knight the edge he needs to win this very close fight.

(Kill Estimates)
Kills     Knight  Samurai
Close      120     150   
170     100
Long       120     100
Special    100     140       
Total      510     490

WINNER: Knight


WINNERS: Gurkhas, Conquistador, Knight