samurai cop

July 23, 2009

hey im Brandon Toretto im all about Video Games,Rock Music,Comic Books,Action Movie's & Tv Shows.

the video games im the best at is......Stranglehold,Residet Evil 5,Assulat on dark athena,SWAT 4,Urban Chaos Riot Response,Shellshock 2:Blood Trails and Resident Evil UC,Tekken 5 & Mortal Kombat 7

Faverite Video Game is Metal Gear Solid 4


the only Music i like is Rock & Techno. im not a fan of AC/DC or Van Halen im not a fan of Classic Rock but i repesct it for giving birth to the music i listen to. im all Disturbed,Linkin Park,Slipknot,Korn,Bullet for my Valentine,30 seconds to mars,Trapt, Pa Pa Roach,Green Day,Sum 41,No Brain,Flyleaf,Limp Bizkit,Killswich Engage,Alice Nine,Adema,Paramore,CKY & H.I.M and 100 more.


Comic Books Hellboy,Spwan & the Punisher.

i belive the best warriors ever are

Goryeo Warrior



Joseon Warrior

Chinese Monk

ROK 707th special mission unit

U.S. Marines

U.S. Navy Seal's

Delta Force

Green Berets



Hong Kong Police Force



I wanna Be a Cop for the LAPD has S.W.A.T and undercover but 1st i wanna go to the marines.