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Anything Can Happen

by MariShapiro   May 03, 2010 at 5:00AM  |  Views: 118

Alex Shelley

There are not too many times in life you get second chances at things. I mean, really, there's only one chance at everything. Even if you try to set it up perfectly again, odds are there's going to be some variable that's off, thus creating a different scenario, even if it's only slight.

I went to an interesting high school: Detroit Catholic Central. This school was well renowned within Eastern Michigan as arguably the best all-around school you could send your boys to. I said "boys" because that was the only sex that occupied the cramped and overcrowded building that was formerly an elementary school. The tuition was pretty costly, especially when you considered it was a rather dated building and facility. It's not the case anymore; they built a new school that's totally state-of-the-art after my little brother and I had graduated.

Anyway, we used to get days off whenever our teams won States. It was awesome. We had arguably a football and hockey dynasty, so we got a few days off a year thanks to their hard work. One of my best friends Derek Genrich was on the hockey team. I never saw a single game of any sort in high school. It just wasn't something that interested me. Still, Derek and I had known each other since we were kids, and we liked art, comics, punk rock, etc., so needless to say, little happened that the other didn't know about.

One day at school, he told me about the hockey game the night or weekend prior or whatever. Long story short, kid wasn't wearing his neck guard and got stepped on by a skate. This severed his jugular vein and the poor sod started bleeding all over the ice to the point that our priests were administering last rites right then and there. Luckily, there was a doctor in the crowd, and he managed to suture or compress the wound enough that they saved his life at the hospital. Dude was fine, as legend has it.

That was 1999. I'm watching TV the other day at the gym while I'm doing cardio, and these bumpers air. "What if you could do it again?" it says as it shows hockey players. And then it shows Trenton High School. Then Catholic Central. Whoa. Apparently, someone heard the story, and they're going to make good on the game eleven years later.

Anything can happen.

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