Is Her Orgasm Real or Fake?

March 17, 2010

A new survey shows that a staggering number of women consistently fake an orgasm during sex. Find out how many after the jump.

The British-based survey found that one in ten women fake an orgasm almost every single time they have sex, even if it’s with a long-term partner. Over 3,000 women participated in the survey, which also revealed that 48 percent of them freely admitted to having faked an orgasm while having a roll in the hay. Scarily, the poll also revealed that 38 percent of women believe their partners are oblivious to whether they’re faking it or not. These women must be pretty good actresses.

It seems strange that in this day and age women still feel the need to fake an orgasm. One of the reasons women in the survey said they resort to “faking it” is because they are unhappy with their sex life (probably just a British thing, right?).

Some 20 percent of women said they were “extremely unhappy with their sex life, with 16 percent complaining about a lack of foreplay, and 11 saying their partner orgasms too quickly.” Part of the problem is a lack of communication. By faking it, women are communicating that everything is fine in the bedroom and not letting their partner know what truly gets them off.

What do you think? Should women be faking it?

Photo: Garry Wade/The Image Bank/Getty Images