The Hulk Pounds Out New Images and Trailer

April 30, 2008


The battle for summer blockbuster supremacy is heating up. With all the buzz over the new Dark Knight trailer yesterday, The Hulk was feeling a bit left out and we all know what happens when the Hulk gets angry. Today, the Hulk makes some noise of his own with a gallery of new images from the film and a new full length trailer.

There’s a lot more of the Abomination (Tim Roth, in what could be some seriously inspired casting) and a closer look at General Ross’ motivations in this cut, plus what would a Hulk trailer be without some new fight sequences. There's even some shots and sequences that are Bourne-esque in terms of landscape and hero on a run, but when Bourne got cornered he was Jason Bourne, cornered. When the Bruce Banner is cornered, he's the Hulk. 'Nuff said.

As always, there are some haters out there. They'll question how a CGI beast vs CGI beast battle can hold anyone’s interest but when it comes to Gamma Irradiated comic book heroes...


Hulk smash!

Me love!