Deadliest Warrior Season 3 Idea-Buffalo Soldier vs. Gurkha

August 17, 2010

Max Geiger, you will be missed by all.                                                                                                                   Buffalo Soldiers, the African Americans who patrolled the Old West after the Civil War, take on the Gurkha. The Gurkha are Nepal's elite warriors with signature large knives and no fear of death.

The Buffalo Soldiers had a difficult time on the plains with the racism they faced, and hand me down weapons from the Civil War, but that didn't stop them from becoming a fierce police force. The first weapon that they had in their arsenal was the enfield musket.


The gun was made in 1853, and has its origins in the United Kingdom.

The Gurkha were proud to be in a country that has rarely been taken over, and they show it on the battlefield. Their slogan is, "Better to die than be a coward".

The above weapon is the gahendra rifle, the standard Nepalese gun at the time.

The Buffalo Soldier bring their rapid fire into this, one that revolutionized warfare as we know it. The Gatling Gun.

What made this so special was that it was the very first automatic weapon, and later paved the way for machine guns.

The Gurkha used a mcachine gun of their own that was of nepalese design. It was called the bira gun, and looked like this.

It was a double barrel machine gun with large bullets for mowing down opponents.

Next, the buffalo soldiers had their pistol of choice, which in this time period was the  Colt 1860 model revolver.

The gurkha would also use a secondary weapon, that being the Webley .45 revolver, perhpas adopted from another country.

Finally, when it came to blades, the buffalo soldiers carried military swords.

The sabre was a great weapon to wield when mounted.

The gurkha carry their famous long bladed curved knife. This is their signature weapon for which they are very well known.


It is called the kukri, and is the national knife of Nepal.



(I wrote the following in the summer, and managed to slaage it from my lost files just now. I hope it still retains the original feeling, as the ending was missing.)

Buffalo Soldier vs. Gurkha

  A regiment of Buffalo Soldiers sit by the fire in the plains Wild West while the sun begins to set. Spying on the black soldiers behind a large jagged rock are the gurkhas, who set up camp at a mountain overlooking the plains where the Buffalo soldiers roam. They silently set up their bira gun, take aim at the Buffalo soldier’s campsite, and fire away. Rounds fly everywhere and the Buffalo soldiers scramble to find some sort of cover. Unfortunately for one of the soldiers, a stray bullet pierces his skin and kills him. The Buffalo soldiers start up their Gatling gun, pointing it in the general direction of the Nepalese warriors. However, the only thing that the bullets manage to mow down is grass, as the gurkhas are well covered. Both machine guns then run out of ammunition, and the two squads scramble to each other. The mounted Buffalo soldiers give an all-out attack at the Nepalese using their rifles, and three gurkhas are killed in the process. The rest run away on their feet, the American soldiers quickly pursuing them. The gurkhas are now behind the jagged rock, safe from the Enfield muskets. They then take a trail up the mountain in the whole tactical retreat, and try to get their opponents safely from up there. A gurkha spots an incoming buffalo soldier and kills him precisely with his gahendra rifle. The rest of the soldiers notice and take out their pistols. A pistol duel ensues. One of the two remaining gurkhas crawls behind a rock about as large as a bed for safety, and the rock has a rounded shape. Chips fly off the rock as the buffalo soldiers stop at nothing to avenge their fallen comrades. By now it is nighttime and very dark, so no one is hitting anything. Then, the gurkha that is not hiding jumps down the mountain path to a lower level, rolling so as not to get hurt. Many shots are fired while he zigzags and falls towards the buffalo soldiers. During his final fall to the ground, the Buffalo soldiers surround him and prevent any means of escape. He draws his kukri and chops one of the men’s heads almost completely off. One of the black soldiers pulls out a military sword, and a duel ensues. The gurkha is lightly stabbed once with the sword, though he effectively blocks all of the slashes. While this is going on, the other gurkha runs down the winding mountain trail. Back at the fight, the gurkha manages to slice the American man several times. The American then takes out his Webley .45 and ends the other man’s life. He wonders where the other gurkha has gone off to when he suddenly hears silenced footsteps behind him and spins around quickly, feeling the cold steel that is unmistakably of the Colt 1860. In one swift motion, the African American warrior shoots his enemy. Unfortunately, his pistol jams at that exact moment. The gurkha sees his opportunity as the buffalo soldier shakes his Colt around, and cuts his foe’s hand off with the large knife. He then delivers the kukri through his enemy’s neck. The Nepalese soldier then wipes the bloodstains off of his hands and walks away from the bloodbath calmly.

Analysis: Though this was a matchup where both sides were pretty even in ferocity and weaponry, the Bira gun was a better