Eco Watercraft Defies Conventional Wisdom with Electric Wave Runner

May 26, 2009

Everyone knows the old saying, “water and electricity don’t mix.” Apparently, that adage doesn’t apply when it comes to the unholy, yet awesome, marriage that is this electric jet ski.
Looks like the all-electric trend that’s about to sweep America’s highways just found its next target for conquest: sea-faring pleasure craft.

The company responsible for this new tech is Eco Watercraft, and they’re even boosting their eco street cred further by pledging to build these machines in a factory powered by renewable means (which is most likely a combination of pixie dust and positive thinking).

Though the model in the clip looks a tick or two behind the performance of some of high output gas burners of today, the longing stares of pseudo-environmentalist hotties will probably make up for any of that.


Source: Engadget