The Top Seven Funniest Chris Rock Movies

April 30, 2010

Chris Rock is hands down one of the funniest comedians of all time and has been entertaining audiences since 1985. Even though he rose to fame through the stand-up comedy circuit, he’s also graced screens in some of cinema's most hilarious comedies. Here are our picks for the funniest Chris Rock flicks.

7. Beverly Hills Ninja

Source: Sony Pictures Entertainment

I understand that this is a cotton candy comedy that’s a throwaway to most. But it's still a fun time at the movies and has some extremely funny moments. A lot of these moments come from Chris Rock and Chris Farley getting stupid together onscreen. They are both SNL alumni and no matter how ridiculous some of the plot twists are, seeing these two trying to entertain us with their goofy antics is always great. RIP Chris Farley.

6. Lethal Weapon 4

Source: Silver Pictures/Warner Bros.

I am fully aware that this is an "action" film at its core, but Lethal Weapon 4 is also a really hilarious comedy. The combination of having Chris Rock and Joe Pesci on one screen leaves me in stitches every single time. The "cell phone" spat at the police station is easily one of the best moments of LW4. The dentist scene with Glover, Gibson, and Rock is also a standout. When they all accidentally get wasted on nitrous oxide and interrogate Uncle Benny, s*** just straight up gets goofy. Rock’s "nut cup" line always gets me. "Yo baby is havin’ my baby!"


5. Head of State

Source: DreamWorks

I liked Head of State when it first came out and I still enjoy it now. The movie is far from perfect, but it really allowed Rock to riff on some politics' more ridiculous scenarios.

At the time the film came out, George W. Bush was our president and his approval rating was far from through the roof. With this said, it was like therapy going see a movie about a quick-witted black man running for President of the United States against a right wing corporate douchebag. The lead role of Mays Gilliam could have been played by almost anyone, but having Rock play him was absolute perfection. The Monday Night Football-like debate at the end of the movie is ridiculous as much as it is awesome. Did I mention that Bernie Mac plays his brother? 'Nuff said.


4. The Longest Yard

Source: MTV Films/Happy Madison Productions

People tend not to like remakes because they can never really compare to the original. I’m definitely not saying that the 2005 remake of The Longest Yard is better than the 1974 Burt Reynolds version, but it does have its own unique character that makes it a really solid comedy for dudes worldwide. The ensemble cast is actually pretty sweet and Sandler and Chris Rock are really great together. Their back and forth wisecracks throughout the film are effortless and extremely enjoyable to watch. It also seemed like the two former SNL comedians really helped the professional wrestlers and ex-NFL stars in the film to get a little wackier with their roles. Endless dick jokes with Goldberg? That’s just too good.


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3. Pootie Tang

Source: Paramount Pictures

Some people hate Pootie Tang and some people adore Pootie Tang. I just think it’s a really wacky comedy written and directed by the always amazing Louis C.K and should be consumed with a very big grain of salt. People who hate on it really need to stop taking themselves so seriously and just enjoy it for what it is.

Pootie Tang is a cult movie in every sense of the word. S***, Pootie Tang is basically the black Austin Powers with a heavy dash of Blaxploitation. Chris Rock keeps himself extremely busy in the film by playing Pootie’s daddy, a ridiculous radio DJ and local hype man JB. Chris’s out-of-control rantings are more than enough reason to enjoy Pootie Tang in all its glory. Don’t hate, y’all. Tippy-taow!


2. Dogma

Source: Miramax Films/Lions Gate Entertainment

Personally, I’ve always felt that Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back is a much funnier film than Dogma, but Chris only had a very small role the movie so I only find it fair to focus on his great portrayal in Dogma as Rufus, the black 13th apostle. The second Rock falls from the heavens and lands butt naked on a random highway, he takes over the screen. Putting his unique flavor on Kevin Smith’s dialogue is kinda magic. It’s also great to see Chris really have to push his acting chops a bit. It’s seriously no easy task to pump out all that dialogue and give it that Chris Rock twist at the same time. If you have yet to see this movie, Chris’ performance is more than enough reason to Netflix that s***.

"You masturbate more than ANYONE on the planet." Love that line.


1. CB4

Source: Universal Pictures

If you grew up smack dab in the middle of the mainstream gangsta rap explosion that took place in the late-’80 and early-‘90s, you probably have nothing but love for CB4’s ridiculous take on the music and the artists’ exploits.

In the film, Chris Rock plays Albert Brown, a kid with big dreams of becoming an international music superstar. Brown has the genius idea to take on the alter ego of M.C. Gusto and transform himself into a dangerous gangsta from the streets just to sell records. I didn’t know this movie was about Rick Ross?!

You can put this in the cult category if you like, but I just think we should file it under "classic." CB4 has a brilliant premise and it came out when the gangsta rap scene was still fresh. Rock is also straight up hilarious. Another great aspect of Cell Block 4 is that it was co-written by Rock himself. I truly believe that this element gives the film its unique and balls-to-the-wall flavor.

Straight Outta Locash, booyyee!


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