Gmail now Available with Drunk Email Filter

October 7, 2008

Released to its Google Labs yesterday, Google’s drunk email prevention system “Mail Goggles” issues a series of simple (well…simple now that you’re sober.  Or are you?) questions to be answered before it will let you hit the send button.  It only turns on at a given time of day, so you don’t always have to answer math questions, just when it really counts.

And you said in calculus that you’d never use this stuff again!  Adhering to their corporate adage of “Don’t be evil,” Google knows when you get an email in the morning from your old boss with a single question mark in the subject line, you wish they’d been there to help.

If you get to the morning, though, and still wish you had sent the email but are far too cognizant to pull of the lushy élan of a drunk email, check out the Random Drunken Email to Ex-Significant Other Generator.