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The List... And the A-List

by Robbie E   October 25, 2012 at 1:00PM  |  Views: 2,246


Hey, what's up bro? So I saw that hamster Eric Young strutting around IMPACT WRESTLING last week with his disgusting beard and that busted wife of his like he was a big star or something. I have a much better reasons to walk around IMPACT WRESTLING like I own the place than that hamster with a fishing show. Want proof? Look at my statistics.


5 – Angelina - Not only did I roll with the bad girl from the first two seasons of the Jersey Shore, but also turned down dating her several times. That's right, bro. Robbie E only will date A-listers. In fact, I'm dating one now, bro.


4 - Made - November 10 check your local listings for Big Rob and Bigger Rob to be all over Made on MTV. We basically run the show and show everyone who's boss, bro!


3 - J-Woww - On my 2nd week in IMPACT WRESTLING - I punked out J-Woww and that wad she calls a boyfriend, proving that I was a bigger star than her. Yeah buddy!


2 - TMZ - How many times have I been on TMZ? Yeah, that many. I can't even count anymore dude. They basically live outside my house. Why wouldn't they? There are always huge things going on around me.


1 - Ronnie – Um. Come on, bro. I beat the crap out of tough Ronnie from the Jersey Shore in front of the world. I even whipped him with my blinged out belt! What a punkass.

Until next week...Oh!!!!!!!!!! You ain't on the list bro...

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