Rob Zombie Rips Adam Lambert a New One

June 11, 2009

Even though Adam Lambert has been making headlines for his American Idol performances and finally coming out of the closet, that doesn’t seem to impress Rob Zombie whatsoever.

In a recent interview posted on E! Online, Rob went on a brilliant rant saying that he’s “sure Adam can f***ing sing 10 times better than Mick Jagger, but who gives a s***, he ain’t f***ing Mick Jagger.” Indeed.

After putting Lambert in his place, Zombie went ahead and released his true feelings on the American Idol show itself. “I’m not a big fan of the thought that you can become a star by winning a contest,” he said. “I’m sort of old-fashioned? I think people need to get out there and they need to work and they need to do their music because they love it.”

Zombie also said that if contestants “become successful, then great, and if they are not, whatever?” Rob finished things off by stating: “I just get disgusted watching people crying that it should have been them, that they’re a star, that they’re special,” he added. ”You know what? F*** you!”

I think I just had a brogasm. Thanks, Rob.

Source: FilmMagic Inc/Getty Images