Mantenna - Friday, October 2

October 2, 2009

Aubrey O'Day can't keep her booty off of the internet, The Hobbit is still alive, and Chicago loses their 2016 Olympic bid...Don’t worry, the Mantenna will straighten you out by dinnertime.

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Aubrey O'Day Can't Keep Her Ass Off the Internet

A week ago, Aubrey O'Day was upset to find out that some scandalous photos of her from a peepshow found their way on to the Internet. Well, expect those complaints to start again, as new photos of Aubrey's assets have once again graced the web, this time from various vantage points. Hey Aubrey, here's a protip: if you want to avoid naked photos of yourself ending up on the Internet, don't let people take photos of you in the bathtub. Actually, just ignore that advice, and keep doin' what you're doin'. [Hollywood Tuna]

The Hobbit Shall Survive

After all the nonsense about MGM going under and sinking the new Hobbit movie and the James Bond franchise along with it, it turns out that was much ado about nothin'. The bondholders who call the shots gave MGM three months of no interest payment on its $3.7 billion debt. Of course, at the end of these three months they could be right back where they started, but it's probably safe to say The Hobbit movie's going to be fast tracked so that MGM can get their wheels moving again. As for Bond, well, the international man of mystery is always good in a jamb. Never hurts to have a little help from your bondholders though. [Variety]

Back to Basics for Ghost Rider 2

It's looking like David Goyer's script from nine years ago that he wrote for Ghost Rider 2 is getting dusted off and refurbished for Sony. The only real revamping being done to it involve turning it from an R-rating to PG-13. Sounds like a pretty easy paycheck. Goyer is also attached to the Magneto movie Fox is developing, though a timeline on this project is murkier. Goyer says, "Fox is still mulling that. Originally it was kind of neck-and-neck with Wolverine. They're developing that." Whenever they do put it together, Goyer's going to be the guy behind the camera.

Chicago Loses 2016 Olympic Bid to a Country That Promises "Kidnapping Won't Be a Problem"


Source: Mark Wilson/Getty Images

Despite support from Barack Obama, and his more powerful ally Oprah Winfrey, the International Olympic Committee has decided to give Rio de Janeiro the 2016 Summer Olympic Games. While volunteers and supporters working with Chicago's Olympic efforts were clearly devastated by the news, various Cubs fans throughout the Windy City were heard responding by saying "try going through this for 101 straight years and then talk to us about disappointment." [CNN]

Eminem and Apple Settle Downloading Dispute

Apple Inc. and the music publisher for Eminem have settled a lawsuit over the digital downloading rights to many of the MC’s tracks. Eight Mile Style attorney Richard Busch said today that the deal was reached late Thursday. He declined to disclose details of the settlement. Eight Mile had claimed that its deal to sell the rights to 93 songs to Aftermath Records did not authorize the record label to strike a separate deal with Apple to sell the songs digitally on iTunes. Eight Mile was seeking millions of dollars in compensation. [AP]

Student Sues Amazon for Kindle That Ate Homework, Gets $150,000

Remember the kid who had his notes from George Orwell's 1984 deleted along with Amazon's mass eradication of the work from all Kindles? He just won big time in court, splitting a $150,000 settlement with a co-plaintiff and the law firm, which will be donating its portion to charity. As much as this sounds like a Disney live action film from the 1990s, the real outcome is that Amazon no longer can just do what it wants to content on Kindles, just because it owns that content. Hey, sometimes the little guy actually does win. [TechFlash]

Google to Begin Mapping Indoor Locations Soon

Google maps are getting extended indoors next month with a new app called Micello that takes over where conventional navigators leave off — mapping your route inside of buildings, malls, convention centers, and other points of interest. You don't get a "you are here" blinking dot yet — but they do promise to add one next year using WiFi triangulation. At the introduction next month, Micello will only work in California, but they plan to expand to other major U.S. cities during 2010. Holy. Crap. [Smarter Technology]

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