Ideas for season 3

August 2, 2010

Ideas for next season: Before i go into ideas for new matchups first i want to talk about general imporvements and ideas for next season. Note that i love the show and would juist like to see these improvements made so that DW will do even better than its doing.
1. Experts: get experts as close to the real thing as possible: IN this i feel you have made a SIGNIFICANT imporvement over season 1 with the SEALS,ISRAELIS, MEDILINS and commanche all standing out in my mind(there are many more in addition to these) . Keep up the good work!
2. Extended specials: There are some episodes where the warriors involved have such a huge arsenal and are so well known and able to draw such interest(nazi ss vs vc  i know for a fact netted you at least 30,000 fans alone on fb!)  that you could safely do a extended  special and not have people  tune out .I believe Navy seals vs Israeli and Nazi SS vs vc ft this criteria.  This allows for the test of more weapons, more time to explore the warriors and happier fans(alot of people complained that such and such weapons were left out in the above).
3, Artillery: Lets face it VERY FEW people like the inclusion  Artillery. It's innefectiveness has 100% of the time  caused the defeat of the warrior who is using it, it has little to no practical effectiveness for single or even squad combat, and even  some of those who's side has won due to its opponent using it feel like the victory is hollow due to the opponent being effectively hamstringed. Yet i can see from the aftermath videos that you guys love testing it and some rare people(really they are rare as most people i have seen on fb or here claim its bs) are impressed by the visuals of using artillery. So i propose a compromise for next season:
The compormise is artillery should NO LONGER occupy a slot by itselt especially the critical long range slot

For example:

"Close range: kophis Mid range Xyston Long Range: Cretan bow AND BALISTAE

Special: Sheild? JAvelin? Bucephalus? Possbily belly bow?"

I do not believe this would be unfair to the other side as artillery has shown that it is hard pressed to get more than single digit kills. This would both the testers AND THOSE that claim their warrior lost to ARTILLARY "garbage ". There has been a precedent of giving your other warrior two ranged weapons in the past(see Spartan v Ninja) . I dont think this would be controversal especially since in terms of effectiveness the warrior with two long range will really only have one effective one.

4. For the basic three categories( (long,Mid,close) assume that the each warrior is bringing their A game. Meaining that each warrior should either have their most effective or their most iconic(and therefor probably most used) weapon. I really dont have many personal complaints for this category(other giving Alexander the great the rarely used belly bow :() I am just including it for people who complain about for example the sling, even though the warriors in question also used the more effective bow(aztec,Celt). Special is the category for rare and unique weapons(BUT NOT ARTILLARY!!!)

5. Have multiple endings for each episode: Release them for bonus materials on enventual DVD(for example Mongols winning)

6. Poll FOR A REMATCH: Lets face it every week someone complains "ZXOMG THEY CHEATED (VIKING, ROMAN,ALEXANDER,VC, INsert warrior here ____) out of that victory with those ridiculous weapon choices ARGGHHHH" . Well now to show that you care to those disgruntled fans you should put up a poll for the most complained about episodes and redo one or two of them that fans are most Disattisfied with for Season 3. This means getting rid of the weapons most complained and replacing them with new more effective weapons(aka cretan bow over belly bow for alex) . To those who liked the outcome of that episode:a Rematch doesnt necessarily mean a NEW Winner. Plus you can say that your favorite warrior_____ beat ____ legitamatly if you guy wins again.Besides in my opnion EVERY SINGLE PERSON WHO HAS EVER POSTED ON THIS BOARD has wanted at least one "doover" . Well now you can give them that chance . And to those that say "Well now that you have redone one you MUST Redo them all" No i dont think you have to . The fans have chosen which ones they are MOST disatisfied with and most wanted for a redo.The poll can be monitored so that If XXXX amount of people vote for a episode then it is considered for a rematch. I think its obvious from my posts who i want to be rematched(alexander). Now onto new warrior matchup ideas.