Rambo 5 Just Became a Reality

August 31, 2009

Sylvester Stallone is dead set on reliving his glory days to the max with yet another Rambo movie officially in the works. Rambo 5 will, of course, star Stallone, who's also going to direct. Did the last Rambo movie from 2008 leave you wanting more? Well, whether you want more or not, you're getting more.

Variety reports that the story involves John Rambo attempting to rescue a girl who was kidnapped on the US/Mexico border. He's apparently going to have to mow down many human traffickers and drug lords. This doesn't sound so bad so far.

So will this be the final sequel to a Stallone franchise? Not very likely. Despite the fact that Sly has said, "...this is the last Rambo just as Rocky Balboa is the last Rocky," few will probably buy any of that hogwash. If Rambo 5 is profitable, who knows how many more sequels will come down the pipe?

Does this mean that he's not really done with the Rocky movies either? The man's getting on in years,  and it makes you wonder just how many secret missions and boxing matches he's got left in him.

Source: Junko Kimura/Getty Images