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Valentine's Day on The List

by Robbie E   February 14, 2013 at 12:00PM  |  Views: 1,826

Whats up, bro? It's Valentines Day. So I'm in a great mood because I get tons of gifts from all my girls on V-Day. The big question always is, "What should I buy Robbie E?" Well, here are the best things to touch my heart on V-Day, bro.

5 – Flowers - I know its a chick thing, but something about getting nice colored and smelling flowers to put in my weight room makes my workout more intense, bro. My favorite color is lavender and Bigger Rob loves plain old red roses. That's just like him though, romantic but traditional.

4 - Chocolates - But not just any chocolates, bro. It's gotta be peanut butter chocolate. I love anything peanut butter and when it's shaped like a giant heart it makes it that much more dope,  bro. Chocolates, bro.

3 - Stuffed Animals - I know. Why do I want a stuffed animal? Ever since I was little and I had my teddy bear I called "Mr. Bear", I have always just loved stuffed animals. My favorite animal to get would be a monkey, bro. I love monkeys. Not hamsters, bro.

2 - Cook - Make me a nice romantic dinner, light some candles, my theme music playing low, vodka red bulls in wine glasses and protein brownies for dessert. That'll drive me crazy and will help make Robbie E fall for you, bro.

1 - Lingerie - When dinner is done and we got some booze in us, give me my real gift. Have Bigger Rob watch the door, and you dress up for me in some heels and leggings. A dance perhaps? Impersonating my ring entrance really turns me on. You know, the usual stuff.

Happy V-Day, bro. Until next week... oooooooooooohhhh....you ain't on the list, bro.

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