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The Top Seven Movie Nerds Who Deserved To Get Bullied

by nathanbloch   February 16, 2010 at 10:00AM  |  Views: 4,156


3. Flounder in Animal House


Source: Universal Pictures

Kent Dorfman, better known to his Delta Tau Chi brothers as Flounder, represents everything that can go disastrously wrong with a nerd. In his defense, though, he did try to pledge with the straight-shooting boys of Omega Theta Pi, only to be turned away to the geek section of the pledge party. He and his best friend Lawrence Kroger (a.k.a. Pinto) were forced to pledge with Delta when it became clear they had no chance with the preppies next door.

But that’s no excuse for the domestic terrorism he becomes complicit in as a member of Delta. Things start off bad for Flounder and only get worse. To begin with, he is party to horse murder when he and Bluto pull a prank on Neidermeyer, a patriotic officer of the ROTC who later gives his life in Vietnam (even if he does happen to get killed by his own troops). In the end he helps sabotage a parade in honor of President Kennedy, a tragic foreshadowing of the assassination to come. Dean Vernon summed up Flounder’s pathetic existence best when he said, “Fat, drunk, and stupid is no way to go through life, son.”


2. George McFly in Back to the Future


Source: Universal Pictures

Sometimes a nerd is so nerdy that no matter how much you encourage or bully him, he is going to adversely affect the course of time. This is definitely the case with George McFly. The guy really can’t do anything right. Even when his own son travels back in time to try and get him a date, and even when what he believes to be an extraterrestrial threatens his life, he still doesn’t have the balls to ask Lorraine out.

Okay, so right about now people are probably saying, “Yeah, but he saved her from Biff.” Yeah, he did – but not on purpose! He thought he was going to  pretend to save Lorraine from Marty. If he’d had any idea whatsoever what lay in store for him, do you think he would have hesitated from taking off in the opposite direction? He would’ve been back at the punch bowl faster than you can say, “You’re my density.”

Ultimately, George McFly is a nerd who puts the bully in his place, and for that he must be commended. But before his son travelled back in time to force him into getting the girl, his entire family was made up of losers. Only a nerd would require time travel to get his loser family in order.


1. Louis in Ghostbusters


Source: Columbia Pictures

Louis Tully is one of those nerds who will do anything to get other people’s approval. And he damn near tears apart the civilized world in doing so. Constantly spurned by his sexy neighbor Dana, he succumbs to a demon, Vinz Clortho, that takes over his body and opens a rift in space that allows the evil god Gozer to take a swing at annihilating New York City. And all of this just so that Louis could get some play from Dana. That’s seriously depressing. Next time hire a working girl, buddy.


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