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The Top Seven Movie Nerds Who Deserved To Get Bullied

by nathanbloch   February 16, 2010 at 10:00AM  |  Views: 4,192

These days it’s common to sympathize with the nerd character in movies. But the truth is that sometimes a nerd comes along who deserves the bullying he gets, and you can’t help but wish he’d gotten pushed around just a little bit more.

Source: Buena Vista Pictures


7. Brian from The Breakfast Club


Source: Universal Pictures

Okay, so Brian seems pretty harmless on the surface. He’s geeky, he’s funny, and he has a predilection for movies starring Molly Ringwald. But when it comes right down to it he’s a menace to the kids around him. He brought a firearm to school for Christ’s sake! What this kid needs is not understanding, it’s more oppression and psychological torment to keep him in his place. When the nerds start rebelling against society you’re in danger of violent outbreaks, and Brian is just another sad instance of a nerd who hasn’t been bullied enough to instill the fear of obsequiousness into him. Unfortunately, his day of detention did nothing to improve his chances of becoming socially acclimated to his proper nerd status.


6. Peter Parker in Spider-Man


Source: Columbia Pictures

If there’s one person who shouldn’t be granted the gift of super-strength and lightning fast reflexes, it’s this nerd. But that’s exactly what happens with Peter Parker: a radioactive spider bites him and suddenly he’s able to start s*** up with every bully, thief, and scientist in town. I mean, come on! The kid provokes people! Maybe if Harry Osborn, or even the jerk in the goatee, had bullied him a little more he would’ve had less and he’d never have even gone on the field trip where the spider bit him.

Once Peter Parker realized the power he had, he was beating people up, getting between father and son, stealing girlfriends, and exacting revenge on second-rate, non-violent offenders. Is this really what we look for in a superhero? Of course, it’s only natural that the bullied nerd would himself become a bully the first chance he got. Which is why it’s the bully’s job to make sure the nerds never get the opportunity to wreak havoc on the world. Hell hath no fury like a nerd scorned.


5. Max Fischer in Rushmore


Source: Buena Vista Pictures

Max Fischer is pretty much the poster child for at-risk youth. The kid’s a terrible student, he stalks girls, he destroys school property in the name of personal projects, he puts on inappropriate school plays, is almost guilty of vehicular manslaughter, and even fires on his fellow students with BB guns. This is a nerd who needs discipline. In fact, it’s only when Magnus punches him in the face and Mr. Blume puts him in jail for a bit that his behavior begins to improve. But in the end he endangers an entire gymnasium full of people with a play that exposes them to dynamite, flamethrowers, and other dangerous explosives. This is a nerd who’s going to get someone killed if he’s not knocked down a peg or two. Bullying this nerd is a public service every fire inspector in the country would approve of.


4. Dignan in Bottle Rocket


Source: Columbia Pictures

 Dignan’s a pretty imaginative guy, and he’s a loyal friend, too. But he is a profoundly stupid nerd and he has all the worst intentions. It’s his life ambition to become an expert thief but he can’t even steal his best friend Anthony’s mom’s earrings without getting caught. The only person who tries to set Dignan and his idiot crew on the right path is their getaway driver Bob’s older brother, Future Man. Future Man kicks Bob’s ass and makes fun of Dignan’s yellow jumpsuit and his lawn mowing business, but it’s just not enough. In the end Dignan winds up where he belongs: behind bars. Sometimes all the bullying in the world isn’t enough to make a bad nerd good.


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