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Maori Vs. Apache

by AresHuls   December 16, 2010 at 6:47PM  |  Views: 721

Two bare chested warriors will fight it out in a raw battle to the death. Will the Maori be able to kill and eat the apache, or is the Apache able to end the life of the Maori warrior.


The Maori                                                                                                               These warriors from New Zealand lived to fight. Always fighting their enemies over terrain, they ate their defeated enemies or shrunk their heads als trophy. with eating their enemy. they were able to absorb the power and become stronger. Not only the males were trained to fight, the females were trained and took part in raids too. The Maori were trained in the methode of ambush, using the new Zealand rainforest as cover. They slew everybody in the attacks on neighborhood to make shure there would not be revenge.                                                                                          Altough the Maori were brutal warriors, that is not the only thing they did. When they first entered New Zealand, they had to ajust to the harsh climate and the lack of food. They overcome the problems and worked hard. Hunting and fishing to get their food, they learned to live on this new land. When they were not at war, they enjoyed making jewelry and other works of art. When they killed an oppenent, they tattood themself, the more tattoos, the powerful the warrior. And dont forget the kapa haka. The danceof the Maori

The Maori will try to kill his opponent with the mere, the taiaha, the kopere and the wahaika. It was hard to find a long range weapon since the Maori usually did not use them. They did not like longe range weapons. The taiaha is a sort of spear made out of wood, the head too is made from wood. I did not find any reverence to the taiaha DW used with the little darts on top, so i will not use that one. The Maori did not use any form of armour, only using their power and speed. 

The Apache                                                                                                        The Apache means the people. Their land was sacred to them and they did anything to protect it. Attack settlers and other tribes to protect it.Before horses were brought to them, they traveled and fought on foot, using horses, as soon as they had acces to them. The Apache, not only fought to protect their land, they also attacked other tribes to steal corn and other precious items. Using hit and run tactics, the Apache used stealth to sneak up to people, attacking and leaving. This act made them look cowardice to others but they considered it dangerous and brave. Thinking that the chance was bigger to lose his live. An other reason was that woman and children were less likely to be killed this way. Altough they tried not to hurt woman, their own woman were trained in the weapons like the man. That way, they too could protect the land if necessary.

The weapons the Apache used in battle were the Jawbone club, the spear, bow and arrow and finally the knives. They did not wear any body armour, but used an shield of leather.  I chose not to include the tomahawk, i will use it in another match up. The spear was made of wood and the spear tip made of bone or stone. The only steel weapon is the knife.

The egdes:

Mere Vs. Jawbone club                                                                                         Both weapons are meant as thrusting clubs. single-handed weapons, the Maori used two of these in close combat. The Jabbing strikes were aimed at the body and it is said that you can wrinch open the skull with these things. Jawbone club is a strong club, made of the jawbone of animals. Mostly buffelows. The apache preferred to keep some teeth on the jawbone, for extra damage. Both powerful weapons, i give the egde to the mere. There are two of them, which makes the warrior able to block with one and strike with another. Also the thrusting strikes are a lot quicker then the normal strike with the club.                                                                                   Edge: Maori

Taiaha Vs. Spear                                                                                                   Both weapons are usefull in midrange. since the spear has a tip of bone or stone and the taiaha does not. It get the egde because it can penetrate the body.              Edge: Apache

Kopere Vs. Bow and arrow                                                                                      The bow and arrow are wel.. a bow and arrow. Everybody knows what weapon it is and that it is deadly. The Apache was known to be very accurate with this weapon. The kopere is a stick with a sling on it to sling rocks at the enemy. The Maori did not use this weapon often as they did not like longe range weapons as much as close range. If it hits, it hit hards and can shoot from great distances. The edge goes to the bow and arrow, its more accurate and quicker.                                                               Edge: Apache

Wahaika Vs. Knifes.                                                                                            One is a wooden stick which pummels you hard, the other is a steel knife that cuts you to pieces. Both being able to be used with two at a time, the wahaika can be used to disarm the opponent while the knifes can be thrown. I give the egde to the knifes, simply because they can cut and stab as opposed to the wahaika, which only can smash.                                                                                                        Edge Apache

Armour                                                                                                              Neither warrior wears body armour and both rely on strenght and speed.With equal tactics and agility. The Apache has one advantage, the shield. Normally a leather shield is not the best defence, but against the wood and stone of the Maori, it would come in handy.                                                                                                   Edge: Apache