R/C Tank Comes with Built-in Video Camera

October 10, 2008

This nearly-foot-long radio-controlled tank comes equipped with a spy camera and microphone that stream audio and video from the Spy Video ATV-360. This would be an especially effective toy for security or upskirt shot-conscious consumers out there.

The specs:

- See video and hear sound from the vehicle though an LCD heads up display and earbud which attach to the remote control (video is black and white)
- Full function, dual-track r/c ATV with off-road power
- 360° view button on remote - spins the ATV in a circle to quickly scope the room
- Volume control on remote (audio does not work while vehicle is in motion to protect your ears)
- Batteries: 12 AA (not included)
- Range: up to 75 feet
- ATV-360 Dimensions (not including antenna): 10″ x 7.5″ x 3.75″

There’s this producer I know who will remains skeevishly anonymous, and he taught his Aribo dog to wander into his bedroom and begin clicking pictures when he had, *ahem*, paramours visiting. This seems like a slightly less creepy, more militaristic, (but still totally creepy) way to go about solving that same problem. 

Who knows?  Maybe if you’re sleeping with a gun-ho type like Cami, they’d even like it.