GM and Segway Release a PUMA

April 7, 2009

Now Segway owners can share their unique "style" with a friend! But is this truly the reinvention of the automobile as we know it?


Unveiled this morning in Manhattan, the P.U.M.A is an enclosed two-seater which indicates where Segway and GM think the future of personal mobility is moving toward. GM Vice President of research and development Larry Burns said the PUMA "is about fundamentally reinventing the automobile".

Burns also indicated that the AUTOnomy platform-derived P.U.M.A. is the spiritual antithesis of "extremely overdesigned" vehicles like the Hummer H2.

The PUMA is 1/6th the size of a standard cars (and half the size of a Smart Fortwo) and should be about a third or a fourth the cost of a normal vehicle to operate, including insurance, running costs, etc. Additionally, it will have a top speed of 35 mph and a range of about 35 miles.

So, apparently, in the future you will not be using the freeway, and you will not be taking things home from IKEA. Who knew?!

Source: Autoblog Green