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The 10 Most Likable Movie Villains Who Wanted to Destroy the World

by DannyGallagher   August 19, 2011 at 10:00AM  |  Views: 30,878

5. Harvey Dent from "The Dark Knight"

Source: Warner Bros.

Gotham City's District Attorney may have turned his own tragedy into a lousy excuse to become evil for his own selfish reasons, but we at least have an ounce of understanding for why he's evil. After losing his beloved to the sadistic games of The Joker, he develops his own sense of twisted, coin-flipping justice and even though it seems unfair that even the wicked are punished in such grisly and unfair ways, anyone with a heart can relate to the pain he is causing to match the pain in his heart. Plus if any other regular guy lost the likes of the lovely Maggie Gyllenhaal, the world should just consider itself lucky that science hasn't figured out a way to blow up the world...yet.

4. King Kong from the original "King Kong"

Source: Warner Bros.

Cinema fans might consider King Kong to be one of the all-time greatest monsters ever to grace the silver screen, but even the hardest of hearts can see that the big lug is really just a giant softie.

By nature, he's a large brutish predator who has trouble communicating in ways that don't involve pounding something with his fist until it can fit neatly in a manilla folder but nature has proven that even the most beastly among us can have an ounce of heart. And when he falls for the sheer beauty of Ann Darrow, something that should be scary and even repulsive turns into one of the most loveable creatures ever to appear on a movie screen. It's the closest the world will ever get to watching a good romantic comedy starring John Malkovich.

3. Tommy DeVito from "Goodfellas"

Source: Warner Bros.

Even though Joe Pesci defined his archetypal movie character in this mob classic, the story and perspective are presented in a way that anyone can see what makes Tommy such a good, close friend and that makes him endearing to anyone who wanted to be friends with the badass. Everyone has a friend who loves to take every moment over the top and let out a primal scream that reminds the universe they are alive and Tommy does just that with every scene he's in, even if he expressed his love for life with rampant gunfire and the occasional foot wound. Even when he's doing things that are completely repugnant and downright evil, the very next scene can have him doing something that makes you want to hang out with him all over again, albeit with a very strong pair of bulletproof boots.

2. Frankenstein's Monster from the original "Frankenstein"

Source: Universal Pictures

No one likes being misunderstood and no character in any medium including film, literature, television, music, comic books, and cereal box covers fits that description better than Mary Shelley's iconic monster.

The one that Boris Karloff created for Universal might not sound or even act human but his fear and anger are more human than any of us could ever hope to become (let's hope not). Basically he's just a giant sullen, moody teenager in Bubba Smith's body. He's scared of things that are unfamiliar to him and society feels the same way about him. However, he can still appreciate beauty in its most basic forms even if he doesn't completely understand it, particularly when he throws the little girl in the water thinking she's as delicate and light as a flower. And even if he's designed to be mean and scary, his moans resonate with any audience who longs for acceptance.

1. The T-Rex from "Jurassic Park"

Source: Universal Pictures

Sure this massive extinct beast isn't a big lug with even the most remote instinct for kindness or humanity. He basically just sees the human race as a giant buffet with no sneeze guard. He doesn't have a brain, a heart, or even arms capable of giving out hugs.

However, this massive ball of teeth and scales is one of the few giant movie monsters who goes from the antagonist to the protagonist by the end of the movie when it unknowingly saves the very people he was trying to eat a few thousand frames before when he chews up and spits out the velociraptors just before they attack Dr. Grant and the few remaining survivors. And even if you don't agree with that reptilian psychological assessment, anyone who chews up a lawyer without thinking twice deserves a freaking medal.