The 10 Most Likable Movie Villains Who Wanted to Destroy the World

August 19, 2011
By their very nature, the classic movie villain is designed to be a character so hated by the audience that their very presence makes the hero even more likable by default. However, some of the villains from the most classic films were endearing in their own way and worthy of some love of their own.

10. Dr. Evil from the "Austin Powers" series

Source: Universal Pictures

Sure this massive extinct beast isn't a big lug with even the most remote instinct for kindness or humanity. He basically just sees the human race as a giant buffet with no sneeze guard. He doesn't have a brain, a heart, or even arms capable of giving out hugs.

However, this massive ball of teeth and scales is one of the few giant movie monsters who goes from the antagonist to the protagonist by the end of the movie when it unknowingly saves the very people he was trying to eat a few thousand frames before when he chews up and spits out the velociraptors just before they attack Dr. Grant and the few remaining survivors. And even if you don't agree with that reptilian psychological assessment, anyone who chews up a lawyer without thinking twice deserves a freaking medal.