Repo’d! Best #RepoGames Fan Tweets From This Week

April 19, 2012

Got something funny to say about #RepoGames? Tweet it! We're putting our favorites on Spike in a future episode. Sure, the hosts and contestants on Repo Games are hilarious, but our favorite part of watching the show is seeing what you guys have to say on Twitter! Seriously.

Check out the most hilarious #RepoGames fan tweets from this week's new back-to-back episodes. Again, be sure to hit Twitter next week during Repo Games following Big Easy Justice and your tweets could appear on-air in a future episode! What could be better than a brand new episode of Repo Games ? Nothing. Tune in on Tuesdays at 11:30pm and get yo Tweet on, people.

Repo Fans Killing It As Always:

@a_dasovic: Which NBA player played for Cleveland and went to Miami? The guy on repo games said "Mustafa" #mademynight

@DK_Fost: @SHAQ this guy just lost his car on repo games because he didn't know what teams you have played for #inside

@timmyjg2009: rally cap on repo games trending world wide

@MikeyCicchini24: Question: What 5 cards make up a Royal Flush in poker. Guys Answer: Ace of Spades. People on Repo Games are something else....

@LaMateConBondad: Just saw the dumbest couple on Repo Games. I swear I lost some IQ points just watching them. Smh.

@_ICUPxJB_: Watching repo games and a person just said you need all 5 kings for a royal flush. #terrible #failsauce #iquit

@_MRODii: L0L Repo Games! This guy calls his car "Pretty Ricky Mobile"

@ShaynePalmer: Repo Games is the funniest show the man asked which Bball player left Cleveland to go to Miami the man said Ahmed #WTHHHH

@krice802: Repo Games is my new favorite show! These people are idiots and I love it.

@JennDesposito: My personal addiction is watching Repo Games

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Repo Games will always hold a special place in my heart <3