Katy Perry Had to Go There

January 14, 2010

Katy Perry has confirmed she is not pregnant by, well, openly talking about her lady business in what could be low point in the new world of social media.

Katy Perry is not pregnant with Russell Brand's baby. How do we know? Well, she tweeted about it and couldn’t have been more blunt. She wrote, “"ur gonna make me cry, maybe that's my period tho. THAT'S RIGHT I'M BLEEDING. Face. Better luck next month peepz." Yuck. Did she really have to tell all about her that-time-of-the-month thingy?

To make matters worse, and just in case you she wasn’t being clear enough with her first tweet, she posted an anime illustration of what she’s going through. The following image (thankfully censored) was tagged with, “"Art... speaking my language."


Source: Twitpic

Ms. Perry, you have officially gone too far with your way-too-much-information tweet.

What do you think? Did Katy Perry go to far with her tweet?

Source: Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic/Getty Images