Mantenna - Friday, October 17

October 17, 2008

Space robots, presidential roasts, a backseat-driving government, Kevin Smith in space, and the passing of a Motown legend - all this and more after the jump on today's Mantenna.

NASA to Send Warmachine to Mars for "Experiments"


NASA has reported that its Mars Science Laboratory is still under construction, but is moving forward at a creepy-crawly-Mars-rover-type pace.  That is boring.  What is not boring is the insane landing sequence and the fact that it’s got nuclear-powered friggin’ laser beams on its head. [Spike]

The Secrets Behind Mac's Price Tags. 

The Apple Tax is a phenomena oft-cited by Mac haters that describes the unusual discrepancy between seemingly similar PCs and Macs.  If you stack them up next to one another, spec-for-spec the PCs are the better value.  Some people argue that the aesthetically pleasing Mac, customer support, and a variety of other semi-tangibles account for the Mac Tax.  But an in-depth report from Gizmodo reveals that the Mac Tax is eve more punitive when you stack Macs up against other Macs!  Steve Jobs, you wiley s.o.b. [Gizmodo

Driver Assist Let's Big Brother Stop Your Driving While Texting


Mobile communications devices are truly coming into their own with the BlackBerry, iPhone, Sidekick and more making it easier than ever to stay connected via the Internet, voice and text. But all that connectivity can be a major distraction behind the wheel, and so Aegis Mobility has developed a service that helps keep drivers focused on the road ahead by intercepting calls and messages when subscriber is driving.

DriveAssist works by detecting the movement of the phone, so it activates itself transparently. Once active, the DriveAssist software intercepts calls, rather than merely refusing them, and keeps a log of who called while the phone owner was driving. Text messages are delayed, then delivered once the phone stops moving at vehicular speeds. DriveAssist can also provide the vehicle's location to callers under certain conditions. [Motor Authority]

Four Tops Frontman Levi Stubbs Dies


Four Tops lead singer Levi Stubbs, who possessed one of the most dynamic and powerful voices of all the Motown singers, died Friday at the age of 72. He had been ill recently and died in his sleep at the Detroit house he shared with his wife.

Stubbs' death leaves Abdul "Duke" Fakir as the Tops' only living member from the original quartet, which formed in 1954 as the Four Aims and signed with Motown nine years later. Laurence Payton passed away in 1997, and Renaldo "Obie" Benson died in 2005. RIP Levi Stubbs. [Pitchfork]

Senator Obama Roasts Senator McCain 

[video]3049344 [/video]

Christina Aguilera's Boobs are in London


Christina Augilera was out and about in London showing of her huge breasts and amazing cleavage. She’s in London to perform at the Africa Rising concert and her plentiful bosom has the English press speculating that her extra curves might mean she is pregnant again. With breasts like this, she’ll be making more than Africa rise. [Daily Mail]

Top 10 Pro Atheletes' Girlfriends 


Life is pretty sweet for pro football players. They fat pay checks to play sports and land amazing tail. Then there are those football players who dump amazingly hot girls for even more amazingly hot girls. I’m talking about Andy Roddick swapping Mandy Moore for Brooklyn Decker, Tony Romo going from Sophia Bush to Jessica Simpson and Tom Brady upgrading from Tara Reid to Giselle Bundchen. These guys are awesome!! For the complete list check out College OTR’s The Top 10 Girlfriend Upgrades of Pro Athletes. [College OTR]

Brad Pitt is an Inglorious Bastard

Quentin Tarantino’s upcoming film, Inglourious Basterds, about a group of American Jewish soldiers during World War II sent behind enemy lines, has been in production for the past week and already leaked a photo. And it is glorious. The movie will continue filming for the next several months. The picture of Brad Pitt that’s surfaced is a good visual portrait of his rough-hewn character, neck scar and all. I mean, how many World War II characters from recent movie history have neck scars? How do you even get one of those? Apparently no mention is given to the origins of said scar in the film.[First Showing]

Kevin Smith Is About to Get Spaced Out


Kevin Smith has decided to try his hand at a father-son movie that takes place in outer space. That’s pretty much all there is to know about that, except maybe to say that what a father-son relationship story has to do with space is beyond, well, everyone. He’s having trouble rounding up the 50 million dollar budget because: a) he’s never shot a film with a budget that big, and b) none of his movies have ever made much money. And Jersey Girl, a father-daughter relationship movie, really, really, really sucked. [Cinematical]

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