Match 2: Apache vs Rajput

December 5, 2010


War Club.

Throwing Knife.

Bow & Arrow.








Club vs Khanda. Edge = Khanda.

A stick vs a blade? Yeeeaaah..... right {Major Sarcasm}.

Knife vs Aara. Edge = Knife.

The Aara is really cool, but the Knife, either thrown or held, is deadlier, killing immediately, and not having a flimsy weapon.

Bow & Arrow vs Chakrams. Edge = Even.

Both are accurate, but both having particular necessities, the arrow having a little longer range, but the Chakrams having faster speed, and agility.

Tomahawks vs Katars. Edge = Tomahawks.

This was close, but the Tomahawks win because they can be thrown, and the Katars can't, but they would be superior if the Tomahawk was kept in hand.


An Apache is sneaking around a small campsite. He lost a few of his fellow Apache's in the middle of a fight with colonists, and he was the only one left. He was ready to take on anyone, reclaiming weapons from his fallen comrades.

The Apache eventually looked over into a part of the camp where a Rajput was throwing discs at a large tree. He was several yards away, but four discs were lodged in it. The Apache immediately thought he was an enemy, so he aimed his bow, and shot an arrow.

The arrow landed just an inch away at the Rajput's foot. Immediately, he jumped back, and saw the Apache. He threw his last chakram, but the Apache jumped at the last second, but his bow was cut in half by the disc.

The Apache ran down to the Rajput, holding two tomahawks. He threw one, but the Rajput spun out of the way. He retrieved his aara, and started swinging it. He ran closer, still spinning, but the Apache dodged, and threw his other tomahawk. The aara wrapped around it, and he threw it away. He swept at the Apache, gashing his arm. But he took out his war club, and slammed the Rajput's arm, dropping the aara.

Aara-less, the Rajput takes out his khanda. He slashes, but the Apache jumped away, and tried to hit with his club again, but the sword came back and slashed it in half. The Apache took out two of his knives, and stabbed with one, but the khanda threw it away, with slicing at the Apache's hand. He tried to stab with the other, but suddenly the Rajput threw up his hand, holding a katar. It took away the knife, threw it away, and with the Apache totally disarmed, the Rajput punched the katar in his stomach.

The Apache slump to the ground, but to finish off whatever life he had left, the Rajput flipped his khanda again, and stabbed it in his chest. The Apache spat up some blood, and died.

Rajput: 688.

Khanda: 437.

Aara: 24.

Chakrams: 64.

Katars: 163.

Apache: 312.

War Club: 29.

Knife: 120.

Bow & Arrow: 59.

Tomahawks: 104.