The Auction Hunters Become Mavericks

August 12, 2011
Helloooo Dallas! The Auction Hunters returned to Texas this week on all new episode of their hit Spike series. This metropolitan city isn't just about cowboys. When you look at the state and realize that Texas Instruments and many other high end technology companies are based here, you wonder what gets left behind in their storage units. A former resident of the Lone Star state, host Allen Haff will definitely be bringing some expertise into this week's adventure.


In Dallas, you need to take yourself seriously. Right out of the gate, the auctioneer was laying down the law. If you don't like the way he calls his auctions: tough. Only three units were up for auction this time around, and with any situation like this the Hunters would need to stay on their toes. Looking at the first room, Ton immediately got excited by a military green case. The real question: was it empty? Locking the unit in for $200, Ton would soon find out for better or worse. Meanwhile, the second unit proved to be a heart breaker for his colleague, Allen. He saw money ALL over that room, but when the bidding went too high, he had to back out. As Allen always says, sometimes you just need to let things go. As the last room started bidding at a pricey $1200, the Hunters weren't sure how high they'd be willing to go. They barely snagged it for under two grand, and did so just one bid under their ceiling.


Sold For: $1,250

When Ton and Allen opened the back of a rough looking concession stand they found in the first unit, the last thing they expected to find were horse saddles, but they did. One looked nice and well taken care of, the other – not so much. It was up to their western expert, Hoot (yes, that was his name) to fill the boys in on what they had. The first saddle as they thought was indeed well attended to. Dating back to the 20s or 30s, the high-back saddle was waxed in Lanolin by the looks of it, keeping it clean and smooth. Hoot admitted that the retail price could be as high as $2,500, but he could only pay $550. That's a far cry from the $1,800 that Ton offered back. Eventually, they were able to meet in the middle. Sometimes it proves well to compromise.


Sold For: $8,500

What the heck is this? This was a sentiment that both Hunters shared when they first set eyes on the contents of the military case resting inside the second unit. It was an engine, that much they knew, but for what? They quickly took the engine over to their expert Terry, who at a quick glance knew what the guys had on their hands. It was the engine to a cruise missile; one initially designed to be part of a cheaper alternative to the Tomahawk missile. As Terry began to detail just how awesome a find this was, Ton's eyes just kept getting wider and wider. Now this engine gulps fuel, but it has military grade technology and you can't equal that in the commercial marketplace. The Hunters stepped away to let Terry work his magic on the engine to see if he could get it started. The thing with these engines is that they're harder to get started than they are to run. When they came back after selling their saddles, Terry had indeed gotten the engine started and wow! For a small piece of equipment, man was it powerful. Allen was determined to get a handsome price for the engine, but it's not like they could sell this thing to just anybody. The haggling got heated, however, and ultimately Terry's greed got the best of him, settling on a price that kept him happy and Ton and Allen's pockets full.

On Facebook this week we pitted the vintage saddle versus the highly unique cruise missile engine. No one ever said each week was evenly matched. We hinted at the matchup being a trick question, but in truth the trick question was the trick question. No, the saddle wasn't worth more and yes, our fans on Facebook saw right through us. Can't blame us for trying!

This week was a challenge for the Hunters. They spent a lot of money on just two units, dropping $2,150, almost all of which was on the second room. However, when you add up the missile engine, the saddle, the concession trailer, the barbecue . . . phew, anyone getting tired? You end up with a whopping $12,125 and a final, $9,975 in take home. Which way to the mall?

You couldn't be more of Texas week than the one that these guys had. To see Ton and Allen ride off into the sunset again, head over to for this week's "Dallas Mavericks," now available online. Stay tuned to the Auction Hunters Facebook fan page for the latest news and updates. New episodes featuring your hosts with the mosts air Tuesdays at 10PM/9c.