Michael Jordan's Son is a Baller, but Still Not Very Good at Basketball

August 24, 2010

Marcus Jordan, son of Jockey salesman Michael Jordan, recently took a trip to Las Vegas to bathe in piles of money and constantly update his Twitter account. 72 hours, several tweets, and $100,000 later, it’s fair to say he succeeded admirably.

Jordan’s 20-year-old heir hit Sin City with a vengeance last weekend and made sure everybody with a functioning Internet connection knew about it. Because if a tree made of money falls in the woods and nobody’s there to be jealous of it, does it really make a sound?

“Last night was stupid. 35k at Haze. Totals 50k something the whole day.. Damn!! Going to the pool again today.. Gotta relax!” Jordan wrote on his Twitter page.

Well done, Marcus! Hopefully you made fun of some homeless people or egged single mothers at the unemployment office on the drive to the private airport.

It seems as if the only thing better than being a wealthy NBA superstar is being the talentless offspring of a wealthy NBA superstar. Talk about a low work/high reward situation.

Trust fund high five!

Photo: With Leather