High School Fantasy Football Enthusiasts Take Notice

October 18, 2010

During a Pennsylvania varsity football game, one player registered 20 fantasy football points on a single play. How did he do it?
Joe Sobucki, a wide receiver/quarterback at Girard High, threw a screen pass to one of his less talented teammates. This receiver – whom the coaching staff didn’t trust to run with the ball – then lateraled it back to Sobucki who ran it in for a touchdown.

Since the play was registered as a forward pass, Sobucki got credit for an 82-yard touchdown through the air and a 79-yard reception on the same play.

In fantasy terms it breaks down as such:

82 passing yards = 3 fantasy points.
Passing touchdown = 3 fantasy points
One reception = 1 point
79 receiving yards = 7 points
Receiving touchdown = 6 points

Total = 20 points (19 points if you’re not using the traditional point-per-reception high school fantasy football scoring system.)

Looks like the guy who benched Sobucki in order to start Joseph Goldstein from Aurora High in his fantasy keeper league is really kicking himself today. There’s no way the Lincoln High School defense can register the 18 fantasy points he needs to defeat the “Chris Hansen All-Stars” in Week 6 league play.

Take a look.

Photo: YouTube.com