James Cameron Talks Battle Angel Alita

December 15, 2009

Director James Cameron has finally spoken on the record about what looks to be his next big project, Battle Angel Alita.

In an interview with MTV News, Cameron said that, "The mixture of live-action and CG is a little trickier in 3-D than it is 2-D." Cameron continued:

Now we see it's good to have done Avatar first before Battle Angel, because the tricky scenes are where you're blending live-action photography, stereoscopic photography, and CG. Shooting live stuff in 3-D and then adding CG characters and landscapes beyond that, that's a little tricky.

Indeed. Somehow it's reassuring to know that, this time around, Cameron's not going to take a long hiatus between projects. It could just be a few years before Battle Angel is in theaters, though we shouldn't get ahead of ourselves. This is a director who likes to invent technologies for the films he makes, so we'll have to be patient.

Here's his interview with MTV:

However, as exciting as this interview is, he goes on to say in another interview with MarketSaw, about Battle Angel, "I am not even sure that I am going to do that film." So we should expect to hear lots of conflicting comments from the director before we get any solid news about whether or not he's going to leap right back into the fray after Avatar.

I suspect he'll be more willing to continue his work in 3-D if Avatar is a success, and with the positive buzz that's emerging about the film, that could be a real possibility.

Source: BERTRAND GUAY/Getty Images