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by Robbie E   May 30, 2013 at 12:00AM  |  Views: 5,572

What's up, bro? I'm back this week with another edition of the Bro Blog!

Memorial Day was awesome, bro! Had IMPACT WRESTLING in Tampa so decided to bring a little Jersey to the area and stay a few extra days, bro! In Tampa I realized how great of an athlete, and how jacked I am. Not that I didn't already know, but sometimes it just hits me again. This is what makes me the specimen I am. The five things that I believe keep my body always looking good.

5 - Eat Everything- Take in at least double the amount of your body weight for protein. Beyond that, you can eat what you want. I truly believe if you work hard in the gym, take in high protein, and not go crazy at night with sweets then you are good to go, bro!

4 - Tan - The darker your body is the more ripped you look, period. So get dark and those lines will show bro!

3 - Know Your Body - Should you workout 3 days a week? 6 days a week? Eat 3 meals a day? 5 meals a day? Maybe you need more sleep than others? Lift heavy or light? You gotta know what works well with your body, bro!

2 - Switch It Up - Let your mind be more entertained so you look forward to the gym more. Shock that body, bro! Switch from dumbells, the bar, machines, etc. Also incorporate some different stuff. Crossfit, plyometrics, yoga, battle ropes, bro-offs. You know the deal.

1 - Consistency - This one is the most important, bro. You have to regularly go to the gym. Saying "Hey, I'm gonna take a few weeks off or few months off" isn't gonna work, bro. When you get the body the work isn't done, either! Now you have to maintain. And the older you get, the harder it is.

So you must put the work in, bro! Follow my steps and you may look halfway decent, bro!

Until next week. OH!! Hope your Memorial Day was as insane as mine, bro.

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