Book Trailer Released

September 8, 2009

This holiday weekend, both Part 1 and 2 of "Our Time is Near" was released to Spike Network. In advance of this new science fiction book's debut, a novel way to inform potential science fiction readers of its content was to create a mini video clip that provides the reader with a basic plot. You can view them by following this link

In Part 1, the reader is introduced to Jake Randall, and recent transplant to Los Angeles and newly divorced. He thought this move would provide a fresh start in a new city and a chance to get his life in order. As the video clip unviels, a resistence fighter (31 years in the future) creates a wormhole and transports Jake into the future.

Part 2 begins the same way (introducing the main character), but the second half of the 90 second video clip provides a glimpse of what life is like under a one-world goverment. Jake becomes part of the underground resistence and helps fight for the thruth.

A third installment (Part 3) is under production at this moment and will be live action with actors verses the stills/animation that was used in the first two segments. Also, the production firm is considering having a booth at Comic Con in 2010 and several of the book characters will be available for photographs and autographs.

Interested parties who wish to be part of a potential Comic Con should post a response.