Fort Lauderdale Officials Want People to Get Drunk in Public Before Super Bowl

February 2, 2010

With all the sex, sizzle, and inevitable hooker-related scandals in South Beach leading up to the big game, the usually-tame folks in Fort Lauderdale are trying to attract more football fans by literally changing the local alcohol laws to make things a little more fun.

Want to wander the streets half in the bag while holding an open bottle of Zima? It may cost you your dignity, but it won’t get you arrested in Fort Lauderdale anymore.

The town (which is about a half hour drive from the big game) has repealed laws that oppressively prevent tourists from walking around with open beverage containers.

Brilliant move? Absolutely!

According to their tourism board they expect this to help bring in more “party-ers” in the coveted “retarded frat boy” demographic that every local resident is just thrilled to have pee on their lawn at three in the morning.

Source: Photodisc/Getty Images