Deadliest Warrior Tournament: Round 3 Winner's Bracket

September 4, 2009

DW Round 3: Winner's Bracket

It's do or die time in the winner's bracket as some warriors are fighting for their tournament lives and all of them are battling to join the IRA, Highlander, Spartan and Apache in the next round.

Viking vs. Conquistador
This is a great match up of historic plunderers who used their skill as warriors to steal vast amounts of gold and treasure.

Viking warriors fought with uncontrollable rage, and Their angry blood lust gave Vikings added strength that allowed them to ignore wounds. Vikings terrorized the coast lines of Northern Europe for three centuries and the only code they followed was to slaughter their enemies and take their valuables!!


Spanish Conquistadors were brutal mercenaries and brilliant tacticians whose mandate was to bring civilization and the word of God to the new world, but instead they conquered and plundered an entire continent.

Chainmail vs. Curiasse: Viking armor consisted of a tough chainmail coat and an iron or steel helmet. The richest conquistadors wore a steel breastplate, steel helmet and leather coat. Edge: Conquistador

Close Combat
Longsword vs. Saber
The saber is an elegant weapon made of fine steel, but the Viking longsword is a larger and more powerful sword. Edge: Viking

Great Axe vs. Horse & Lance
The great axe is a devastating weapon that could certainly knock a Conquistador from his horse, but the Spanish lance was designed to rip right through armored foot soldiers exactly like the Vikings. Edge: Conquistador

Long Range
Spear vs. Crossbow
The Viking spear is a large, versatile weapon that could prove very useful in this fight, but the Crossbow can kill armored warriors from a much greater range. Edge: Conquistador

Shield vs. Harquebus
The viking shield was a sturdy defensive weapon that protected the viking and could also deal out crushing blows, but it would be no match for an aimed Harquebus. Edge: Conquistador.

The Conquistador has all the advantages in this match up with their superior technology and mobility but the Viking is a deadly foe that would make them pay for their victory in blood.

(Kill Estimates)
Kills     Viking Conquistador
Close      120      40   
170     190
Long       170     180
Special     30     100       
Total      490     510

WINNER: Conquistador


Persian Immortal vs. Zulu Warrior
This is an interesting battle between two warrior cultures who used fast, light, soldiers and built empires that both bloodlessly absorbed rivals, and brutally conquered enemies.

The Immortals were an elite force of Persian soldiers who served as both the Imperial Guard and a front line infantry force. The Immortals were kept at a constant strength of exactly 10,000 men and every soldier killed or seriously wounded was immediately replaced by a reserve. This not only maintained cohesion for the unit but also added to their fame as a fighting force that simply could not die.


Military experts have called Zulus The 'Spartans of Africa' because, like the Spartans, Zulus fought in disciplined military units and trained their children to be warriors.

Wicker Shield & Scale Mail vs. Ishlangu Shield & Speed
Both warriors carried light shields, but for different reasons. The Zulu shield was meant to distract and parry an opponent in hand to hand combat, while a Persian shield was mainly for catching arrows. The real difference is the leather and scale armor worn by the Persians against the speed of the Zulu. Edge: Immortal

Close Combat
Akinakes vs. Iklwa & Ishlangu
The Akinakes was a wicked little sword but the Immortal would find it hard to get past the Ishlangu shield. However, the Iklwa spear could certainly pierce the Immortal's armor. Edge: Zulu

Spear vs. Zulu Axe
The Zulu axe is a fearsome weapon against unarmored foes, but I'm not sold on its ability to cut against armor. The Persian stabbing spear would have a huge reach advantage over any Zulu weapon. Edge: Immortal

Long Range
Recurve Bow vs. Iwisa
The Iwisa is a versatile weapon that can be used as a ranged or melee weapon, but the Persian bow was a devastating long range weapon against unarmored warriors like the Zulu. Edge: Immortal

Kopis vs. Spit of Poison
The Immortal's face wrap and tiara would provide some protection against the spit of poison, but the Zulu has little protection from the sharp blade of the Kopis. Edge: Immortal

The Persian army was built to defeat unarmored warriors like the Zulu, but Shaka's army never faced any warrior quite like an Immortal. In the end, the Persian would have a distinct advantage due to the length of his spear and range of his bow.

(Kill Estimates)
Kills    Immortal Zulu
Close       80     180   
170     100
Long       220     120
Special    120      10       
Total      590     410

WINNER: Persian Immortal


Boer Commandos vs. Taliban
This is another truly odd battle as current day guerrilla fighters, the Taliban, face perhaps the very first modern guerrilla fighters, the Boer Commandos.

Boer Commandos were the militia army of Dutch settlers in South Africa who had many clashes with native African tribes and fought two wars to preserve their independence against the powerful British Army.


The Taliban is a Sunni Islamic organization that ruled most of Afghanistan from 1996 until 2001. Comprised of committed fundamentalist insurgents originating in the Frontier Tribal Areas of Pakistan, The Taliban are currently engaged in a protracted guerrilla war against the current government of Afghanistan, allied NATO forces participating in Operation Enduring Freedom, and the NATO-led International Security Assistance Force.

Trenches vs. Caves
The Commandos used trenches and other defensive works to protect themselves from the rifles and artillery of the mighty British Army, while the Taliban used complex networks of caves and tunnels to hide from the missiles and bombs of the U.S. and Soviet super powers. Edge: Even

Close Combat
Mauser Broomhandle vs. Bayonet
The bayonet is a traditional hand to hand weapon that is as out of date today as it was in 1898. The Broomhandle was a powerful semi-automatic handgun that allowed most Commandos to leave their bayonets at home.  Edge: Commandos

Mauser 1895 Carbine vs. PKN Land Mine
The Commandos were very much a defensive force who weren't prone to charging enemy positions, so I don't see the PKN being that effective against them. The Mauser, on the other hand, would work well as a sniper weapon against the Taliban. Edge: Commandos

Long Range
Lee-Metford Mk II Rifle vs. AK-47
These weapons have about the same effective range, though the accuracy of both are in question at long ranges. What truly separates these two weapons is the massive advantage the AK has in magazine size and rate of fire.  Edge: Taliban

Pom Pom Gun vs. RPG
This match up is a real dilemma as both are very deadly but also very different. The RPG is the more portable and more modern weapon that delivers a bigger punch, but the Pom Pom has a huge advantage in both range and rate of fire. Edge: Taliban

I think we have the upset of the tournament here as the sharpshooting Commandos pin a close defeat on the deadly Taliban thanks to their more balanced arsenal and accurate shooting.

(Kill Estimates)
Kills   Commandos Taliban
Close       60      10   
Mid        16
0      60
Long       110     220
Special    180     200       
Total      510     490

WINNER: Boer Commandos


Russian Spetsnaz vs. U.S. Navy SEALs
Another Cold War match up between elite soldiers from the U.S and Russia as the tough and highly trained Spetsnaz take on the tactical an tested Navy SEALs.

The Spetsnaz is the premiere Special Forces & Counter Terrorism unit in the Russian army.

Considered the toughest men in the army, their brutal 'take no prisoners' hard-line approach returned order to the runaway Russian province of Chechnya. The Spetsnaz were originally formed during the Cold War to carry out sabotage and counter-terrorism missions for the KGB.


The SEALs are elite special operators for the U.S. Navy who specialize in covert warfare and deadly clandestine attacks.

Shock vs. Stealth
The Spetsnaz like to bust in loud and hard then shoot first and ask questions later. Navy SEALs wait for the opportune moment to strike from the darkness. Edge: SEALs

Close Combat
Ballistic Knife  vs. MK3 Combat Knife
As far as knives go, the ballistic knife is inferior to the Mk3 but it has an extra ranged component that puts it over the top. Edge: Spetsnaz

Short Range
Makarov Pistol vs. Mk24
With a larger standard magazine and a higher muzzle velocity, the MK24 gets the edge over the Makarov. Edge: SEALs

AK 74 Carbine vs. MP5N
The MP5N has outstanding accuracy and rate of fire, but the AK-74 fires a much more powerful round that has 6 times the effective range. Edge: Spetsnaz

Long Range
Dragunov vs. M14
Both weapons are similar in accuracy and effective range, and each fires a similar bullet. However, the M-14 has twice the ammo capacity and can double as a fully automatic battle rifle. Edge: SEALs

Saiga Shotgun & RDG5 Grenade vs. M-60E3
Same as the Gurkha & Green Beret match up, this is an apples and oranges contest of close assault weapons vs. heavy support weapon. The GPMG won that contest and the M-60E3 is a more versatile weapon than that. So, it should be no surprise that the M-60 gets the edge here. Edge: SEALs

Another really, really, close match up between elite soldiers. This battle came down to the machinegun support of the SEALs combined with the overall versatility of their weapons. The Spetsnaz put up a great fight but in the end they lacked the long range firepower necessary to win.

(Kill Estimates)
Kills    Spetsnaz  SEALs
Close       20      10   
Short       40      60
Mid        250     110
Long       100
Special     80     200       
Total      490     510



European Knight vs. Egyptian Warrior
This battle pits a Knight, armored tank of medieval Europe, against an Egyptian chariot, mobile weapons platform of ancient warfare.

Knights were the elite armored strike force among Medieval European armies. As the champions of Kings, Knights endured strict training and excruciating hardships that also made them incredibly tough in battle. They had no fear of death and fought without mercy, because they believed their opponents were unbelievers and barbarians.


Ancient Egyptians favored speed and maneuverability in their chariots, relying on two horses to carry a driver and deadly archer into battle while a spear wielding warrior ran alongside.

Plate Armor vs. No Armor
Why even try to out-armor the most heavily armored warrior in history? The Egyptians will rely on their speed and maneuverability to keep them safe from the steel plated Knight. Edge: Knight

Close Combat
Long Sword vs. Khopesh
The Khopesh was a unique sword/axe that was good for slashing from a chariot, but the Long Sword was a heavy steel blade that could sever limbs and pierce armor. Edge: Knight

Halberd vs. Spear
The Egyptian spear was a versatile weapon that could be thrown like a javelin or used for stabbing, but the Halberd was a vicious slashing, gouging, piercing weapon that could devastate an unarmored opponent. Edge: Knight

Long Range
Crossbow vs. Hyksos Bow
In ancient China the invention of the crossbow led to the downfall of chariots on the battlefield. The European crossbow was more powerful than its Chinese cousin and would wreak havoc on any chariot crew foolish to charge one. The Hyksos bow was an outstanding weapon capable of piercing any armor of its era. But could it pierce plate steel? That's a question I can't answer because there was no steel armor to pierce in 1400 BC. Edge: Knight

Flail vs. Chariot
The flail was a powerful short range weapon but it wouldn't do much good against the fast and maneuverable Egyptian Chariot.  Edge: Egyptian

Unfortunately I see this as a slaughter with the Knight winning big thanks to his huge advantage in armor and technology. The Egyptian bronze-age weapons simply aren't heavy enough to defeat a Knight in shining armor. 

(Kill Estimates)
Kills     Knight  Egyptian
Close      100       40   
Mid        15
0      100
Long       300      200
Special     50       60       
Total      600      400

WINNER: European Knight

Winners: Conquistador, Immortal, Commandos, SEALs & Knight