The Top 10 Road Rage Songs

December 5, 2008

Road rage is part of human nature. If you spend enough time every day in your car, inevitably some jackass will pull a stunt that just defies all logic and regard for the motorists around them. Once you’ve experienced this enough times, you’re bound to lose it sooner or later. So when you end up going off the deep end, you might as well have a kickass soundtrack to compliment the fury.
By: Brad Iger

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10. Metallica "Battery"  

The slow and somber acoustic guitar strumming that opens Master of Puppets serves as the perfect red herring for what’s to come. Suddenly the ethereal melodies turn into roaring thunder, and from then on there’s no turning back, dishing out pure, aggressive thrash till the last note of the song. This actually mimics the road rage phenomenon quite well – one minute you’re calmly going about your business, the next minute it’s vehicular mayhem. With the constant, propulsive force of this song, you’ll have an apt refrain to flip out to.

9. N.W.A. "Straight Outta Compton"


If this track doesn’t make you want to take down stupid pricks on the freeway, check your pulse because you’re probably already dead. Right out of the gate you get this constant click track and James Brown guitar riff that matches the pace of the road perfectly. Then suddenly Ice Cube is right in your face telling you to crush every sucka who gets in the way. Word to the mothef**ker.

8. Rage Against the Machine "Bulls on Parade"

If nothing else, the name of this band should tip you off to the intentions of their music. True to form, “Bulls on Parade” immediately grabs you with the kind of vitriol you get when some jerkoff cuts you off and then slams on the brakes just to shave a couple seconds off their otherwise pointless commute. The sinister, lumbering bass line that follows works as a backdrop to the frustration of watching your existence grow ever shorter as you battle just to get back to the package of stale Top Ramen and well-worn Victoria’s Secret catalog that you call home.

7. Pantera "F**kin’ Hostile"


Well, the title is kind of a give away, isn’t it? No high-falutin' concepts here, just distorted vocals conjured up from hell and down-tuned guitars chugging furiously against your eardrums. For some reason, thrash metal seems to have both the ideal pacing for driving fast and the teeth-grinding anger that effectively gets people pissed off.

6. The Bronx "Heart Attack American"


One of the few punk bands left who seem to be making music as a source of catharsis instead of profit, and the opening track of The Bronx explodes out of the speakers with absolute ferocity. The track is a no-frills anthemic battlecry with a simple message: F**k everything. It truly makes you want to lash out against all the oppressive elements of the world around that keep you complacent and passive. If that happens to be another motorist, well, sooner or later someone’s gotta teach them a lesson.

5. Nine Inch Nails "March of the Pigs"

Is there a way to make a drum kit sound pissed off? Well, Trent found a way. This fine example of industrial rock destruction has this sort of surging effect to it, much like what you might experience when repeatedly smashing into the back end of someone’s car after you’ve finally hit your patience quota for stolen parking spots. And just when you think everything’s cool, it hits you in the face again with even more force than the first time. Vindictive.

4. Iggy and the Stooges "Search and Destroy"


While this track starts out in a relatively tame fashion (for this list anyway), it’s like a locomotive that just keeps gaining momentum. Or, in this case: chaos and fury. Released in 1973, this song became one of the prime templates for what would later be termed “punk rock.”

By end of the song, it’s total mayhem and dissonance as Iggy’s screaming about being “the forgotten boy, the one who’s searching to destroy.” In this case, you’ll be destroying the soul of the guy who pulled into the fast lane going 30 miles an hour. And it all dissolves into distorted cries of anger (or joyous wrath?) as massively overdriven guitars shriek and wail just before it all grinds itself to a halt.

3. Slayer "Angel of Death"

This truly is the soundtrack to hell. I mean, if hell is as awesome I hope it is. This song is relentlessly evil in every respect, be it lyrics about sadist human experiments or the enormity of the malevolent rock being delivered to your ears.

Drummer Dave Lombardo has this style that just makes everything systematically brutal that, even when things go completely apeshit at about the 3:35 mark after the solo kicks in, it’s totally insane and yet completely together simultaneously. Which is much like the mentality of a seasoned road rager: beyond logic yet somehow still functional.

2. Misfits "Bullet"


Unashamedly offensive, pissed off, anthemic, and without an ounce of filler – “Bullet” may be the perfect punk song. The track is an ode to the assassination of President Kennedy and young Danzig’s… uhh… “attraction” to the first lady.

It is the celebration of violence and death. It spews pure hatred in all the right ways, and at just the right tempo. Putting this track on makes your middle finger stronger. It was tough not to make this one #1, because it is an ideal song for road rage as it sets a brilliant tone and speed for vehicular psychosis.

1. Motorhead "Ace of Spades"


Motorhead and automotive mayhem go together like coke and cheap strippers. Could there ever be a better track to accompany Mad Max? The answer is NO. When someone asks you what “Driving Rock” is, you do not respond “Radar Love.” Not unless you want a bitch slap. Instead, you put this track on.

When this song kicks in, it grabs you by your face and screams, “Bury the goddamn throttle and drive like a maniac!” And of course, you do, because Lemmy demands it.